The the followers of Islam are looked

word “phobia” is basically originated from the Greek word “hydrophobia” meaning
dread/fear towards a particular thing. According to online dictionary, the
meaning of the word ‘phobia’ is, “an extreme or abnormal fear” towards
something. It is important to understand that the word phobia indicates unreasonable
and prejudiced human behavior which is not categorized as normal. The word Islamophobia
commonly became popular among West and other non-Muslims countries after the
9/11 incident.  Anas Altikriti, the chief
executive of Cordoba Foundation, simply put forwards meaning of the word
‘Islamophobia’ as, “an irrational fear of Islam” (2010). It is an intrinsic
human nature to fear an unknown phenomenon that he/she is unable to comprehend.
Therefore, the notion of Islamophobia originated because the Western and
European propagandist falsely held Muslims and their religion Islam,
accountable for the various terrorist attacks; the non-Muslims had no awareness
of the values and teachings of Islam.

to Dalal Alshammari (2013), Islamophobia initiated several hate crimes towards
the followers of Islam by in the Western world. These hate crimes and
prejudiced behavior is even accepted in large part of the United Sates
(Alhammari, 2013). The hate against the believers of Islam ignited after the
heart-rending episode of September 11 (as cited in Diversity Training Series:
Educating Chicago’s Law Enforcement on the City’s Many Religions, 2006). The
tragic incident not only fueled prejudiced against the religion but the
followers of Islam are looked with suspicion and fear.  People of other faith (predominantly the
Western world) considers Muslims to be compulsive and intolerant towards other
faiths. This misconception has lead towards the feelings of hate and biasness
among non-Muslims (as cited in Islamophobia and Anti-Americanism Book Excerpts,

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the fact that Islam, a religion that chiefly preaches the values of peace,
tolerance and com passion towards human beings is misapprehended as the
“problem for humanity”, is completely in negation towards its peaceful
discourse (Ihsanog, 2010). This prejudiced mindset towards a particular people
of faith leads to unforeseeable unjust circumstances for the believers of that
faith and renders them as an outcast in today’s world of globalization. According
to Ihsanog (2010), “The increasing manifestations of Islamophobia bring to our
attention a mutual realization of inadequate knowledge about nations and
cultures.” It is definitely a tragic realization as in this day and age of
technology, people are still unaware of the true realities behind such false
notions about Islam.

one of the research study conducted by Alshammari (2013), the irrational fear
and hate against Islam and its followers have been chiefly instigated by media.
Majority of the Western audience (specifically Americans) naively follows the
media’s propaganda about Islam (as cited in Saeed, 2007). As there is no
monitoring towards such hateful bashing of a religion, young people tend to
believe and follow to whatever information is easily accessible to them. It is
indeed a crucial facet and a wakeup call for Muslims to reunite against hateful
literature against Islam.

such organization, The Organisation of the Islamic Conference, is working
towards eliminating false accusations and misconceptions of the Western world
towards Islam. It is not only working towards eradicating fallacies against
Islam but also promoting a global sense of unity among other religions. As
discussed by Ihsanog (2010) in his article, Islamophobia and Terrorism:
Impediments to the Culture of Peace, “eliminating misperceptions about Western
and other world cultures should also be considered as an important step in
fostering a global culture of peace.” In addition to this, Muslim community
continuously struggles to denounce its participation against any heinous
terrorist activity and certainly negate its association with the teachings of
Islam. This awareness and the need to communicate their side of the story has
become a necessity for the Muslim community in order to reject such false
accusations by the Western world. 

conclude, it is an evident fact that Islamophobia has become a sad reality of
today’s world. The followers of Islam have become a victim of prejudice and
biasness all over the world because of the hateful literature and propaganda widely
spread by the Western media. The fact that Western media promotes such
mentality towards Islam, only delineates upon their supremacy mindset; being
superior to other races. Islamophobia is a widespread notion that has already
rooted its evil all over the world. The history itself can provide evidence on
the conditions of such nations that were subjected to racism such as Blacks and
Jews. If these misconceptions are given further fuel by the leaders of the
Western world, then the world will be no longer a safe place for the Muslim
community. Therefore, Muslims should actively participate for the awareness of
the teachings of Islam in order to give voice to their true identity and
discard any other label given by the Western media.

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