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This report will tackle the positives and negatives of social media and how it affects the latest generation(also known as the millennials). Since millennials have grown up with technology and are relatively comfortable with social media, a problem has arised in this new age of technology, technological addiction.Social media continues to thrive with massive well-known companies, like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as they continuously update their application to maintain relevance and attract new users. It’s only natural for the new generation to be heavily invested in these social media’s, as they grew up being continuously exposed to them. Research dictates that when humans use social media, they tend to do so to share their personal stories/experience/opinion on certain topics. As more attention is being drawn to these personalized experiences, the more “happiness” these people feel. Scientifically the reason behind this “happiness” is that the brain secretes the hormone dopamine1, which is the same hormone the brain secretes when sex and food is involved. It is also the same hormone that is secreted when cocaine is consumed, which explains the addictive nature behind social media. When it comes to the subject of addiction, mental health is a significant variable. People who tend to be addicted to social media spend numerous hours plastered to their social media. Waiting for the attention, the dopamine hit to occur. The more attention they get, the happier they seem to be, however the reverse is also unfortunately possible.When people get less attention to what they are used too, they tend to get depressed, negativity tends to overcome the mind at that point. This could have adverse effects on social behaviour and academic progress, steering the topic into possible regulation.However ¬†people seem to forget. whenever there is negativity, there is positivity. Social media can also help the younger generation to connect to their friends and families, eliminating the distance factor. It can also help with sharing awareness pertaining certain topics or charities.Social media has its good and bad sides, the quote “Everything in moderation” sums up my belief on this topic. Therefore having regulation or restrictions on some social medias would potentially help the younger generation deal with their technological addiction. In the end, it is up for the user to realize how this technology is affecting their lives, and put in the necessary measures to deal with it.

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