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After CNN released a horrific video showing men being sold and auctioned for prices such as 400 dollars, people around the world were left in shock. Men were being sold as slaves on the outskirts of the Libyan capital of Tripoli. The migrants being sold and smuggled across Libya are refugees fleeing conflict or economic migrants in search of better opportunities in Europe.Libya is the main transit for migrants and refugees to reach the Mediterranean sea and get to Europe. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), about 3,000 refugees died while attempting the trip from Libya to Europe. Italy and the European Union (E.U) have stopped many boats that were smuggling people from Libya. Some 7,000 migrants are held in detention facilities operated by the Tripoli government. Another 20,000 may be in detention centers controlled by traffickers, militias, and other armed groups. A January 2017 UNHCR report on human rights in Libya notes, “Migrants in Libya are highly vulnerable, facing arbitrary detention in inhuman conditions? torture, including sexual violence? abduction for ransom? extortion? forced labor? and killings. Those held in official detention centers…under the Ministry of the Interior are held arbitrarily, with no judicial process… Armed groups, smugglers hold others in unofficial places of detention. Sub-Saharan Africans are especially vulnerable to abuse as a result of racial discrimination.”After seeing the report made by CNN, Libyan authorities decided to launch a formal investigation into slave auctions in the country. “Priorities of the investigation are not only to convict those responsible for these inhumane acts, but also to identify the location of those who have been sold in order to bring them to safety and return them to their countries of origin,” said Anes Alazabi, an official with the internationally recognized government of Libya’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency.The Chief mission of The International Organization for Migration warned: “that the smuggling networks are becoming stronger, more organized and better equipped.”Ever since Muammar Gaddafi has been captured and killed after ruling for 4 decades, the country has fallen into civil war. A traditional government was put in place to keep order but it was unsuccessful. Without order or laws, the people started to do whatever they desired like selling vulnerable men. This caught the eye of a lot of international countries. The E.U had a meeting on Wednesday, November 29 of 2017 with Libyan leaders to discuss an evacuation plan for the refugees and they agreed to send the immigrants back to their homeland. The E.U also agreed that they would open transit center for vulnerable refugees which proposed to safely house people before they resettle. The U.S Ambassador, Nikki Haley said to the U.N addressing the situation: “To see the pictures of these men being treated like cattle and to hear the auctioneer describe them as, quote, ‘big strong boys for farm work,’ should shock the conscience of us all. There are few greater violations of human rights and human dignity than this.”

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