Bodykey exercise is a way of achieving


1-What is Bodykey?

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Bodykey is a simple, easy to follow and extensive weight
management program that complies with your lifestyle. It includes nutritious
and delicious shakes, Bodykey bars and snack forms that may consist of a
combination of proteins, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and
minerals. The Bodykey program when regularly followed along with exercise is a
way of achieving your goals in life and health successfully. It is designed in
a manner that is distinctive to each person’s need. Bodykey shake by Nutrilite
is one of the most recommended meal replacement plans. There products have no
added preservatives, sweeteners, colours or artificial flavours.


2-How did Bodykey start?

We can’t confirm as to when the program along with its
products got introduced, but Bodykey is produced and sold by Nutrilite, whose parent company is “Amyway”, an
American producer of health, beauty, nutrition and various other products. You can
purchase this individually or in a kit form. According to Amway’s website,
Nutrilite began in 1934, when its founder Carl F. Rehnborg started marketing
what the company says was the first multivitamin supplement sold in North
America. Amway’s website also features a pretty well-made video detailing the
history of Nutrilite’s development over the past 80 years. With matters as
serious as your health management you can’t just trust any product. More than
most of the times such supplements and shakes are introduced with shady
business intentions to rip people of money while they are only scams and don’t
always work.

But if a company has managed to survive actively in the
market for these longest of times, we can trust them with more confidence. When
given a choice between multiple similar products, as is the case mostly with
meal replacement shakes and weight loss products it is advisable to opt for the
one manufactured by a trustworthy company.


3-Bodykey Claims

The company claims the product to be a meal replacement
designed product that will aid in the reduction of excess weight by continual
use over a period along with lifestyle monitoring. Reviews are suggestive of
the claim. However, a few claim that the program is not very effective.







4-Bodykey Ingredients

The following nutritional information is available on the
official website of the product

Amount Per Serving

Percent Daily Value



Calories from
fat   30


Fat   3g


Fat   1g


Fat   0g


 less than 5mg


Carbs   18g


Fiber   4g







The contents of Bodykey may consist of: Plant sterols,
Acacia extract, Soy protein isolate, Ascorbic acid, Erythritol, Hops extract
and Insulin. It may also consist of D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, Cholecalciferol,
Riboflavin, Biotin, Cyanocobalamin, Niacin amide and Folic acid. Additionally,
Sulphates like copper sulphate, magnesium sulphate, zinc sulphate, ferrous
sulphate and manganese sulphate.  Amongst
the chloride group: Thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, chromium chloride
and potassium chloride. Di-potassium phosphate, mono-potassium phosphate, Tri-calcium
phosphate and calcium pantothenate. Also, cocoa, silica, medium chain triglycerides,
Stevia, Cellulose gum, Carrageenan, Xanthan gum, partially hydrolyzed guar gum.


5-Does Bodykey work?

Could not
find any supportive “science” presented with Bodykey, but reducing your calorie
intake could be directly proportional to weight-loss. Scientific research is imperative.
Concerns are raised when a company does not offer the science-based facts to
support their products.

Reviews on the use of the product for weight loss suggest
majority have reduced weight. By replacing around two meals per day, you can appreciate
losing your excess pounds gradually. However, unsatisfactory reviews regarding
the products mostly come in the form of intolerance to taste. Some people could
just not stand the taste.

Some users complained about Soy protein. Soy protein isolate
is used, which is considered to be a disadvantage. It is assumed to be harmful
to one’s health. This ingredient used in the product can consist of GMOs.


6- Bodykey Benefits and

 The official website of Bodykey reports having
found that “The effectiveness of this meal replacement shake has been
demonstrated through clinical studies, along with exercise and diet for weight
reduction.” Bodykey by NUTRIWAY Meal Replacement Shakes are scientific
formulations that are equivalent to a well-balanced meal. These may contain 22
minerals and vitamins which provide you with at least one-third of your
everyday nutritional requirements while at the same time keeps a check on your
calorie intake.  It is widely available
in three flavours –Vanilla, Café au lait and Chocolate.

also offers a program to help you lose 7-8kg in almost 7-8 Weeks. The program
is divided into two parts – Step 1: Bodykey 4 Week JumpStart Pack, followed by
Step 2: The Bodykey Top up Pack.

A convenient way to control
portion size while meeting the body’s nutritional requirements.
When mixed with 250 ml of skim
milk, the Bodykey by NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Shake helps keep you feeling
fuller for long periods maintains lean muscle mass and support digestive
Natural and safe.
Available in three delicious,
natural flavors – vanilla, chocolate & cafe au lait


7-Details on Bodykey and weight

The Bodykey meal replacement plan balances all of the food groups,
while specifically focusing on the portion sizes to support the reduction of
weight and healthy lifestyle changes. Bodykey does not affect the
mechanism of lipolysis or fat breakdown neither does it accelerate the body’s
metabolic rate. Substituting up to 1-2 meals a day with Bodykey shakes,
it’s claimed to assist in getting rid of the calories found in food. As a
result of these substitutes, you should begin to gradually eliminate pounds in
a health manner.  However, Bodykey shakes
allegedly contain enough protein and nutrients to keep your body feeling
healthy and functioning well throughout the day. According to Nutrilite, the fibre
found in these shakes will be satisfactory to keep your body satisfied all
day long, curbing your appetite and eliminating the temptation that so often causes
you to nibble on snacks in between meals.


8- How to use Bodykey?

The Bodykey program by Nutriway has a well supported online system;
they’ve designed an app to monitor your plan. They make use of a scientific, question-based Personal Assessment to
recommend a distinctive, healthy weight monitoring plan tailored specifically according
to your lifestyle.

Weight management is a very personal matter, so it makes
sense that Bodykey by NUTRIWAY starts with a Personal Assessment – a thorough,
science-based questionnaire that gathers information about your habits,
lifestyle and body. A complicated algorithm then produces a plan which combines
products, food and exercise recommendations tailored to suit you, your
lifestyle and your preferences.

Six lifestyle factors make up your unique Personal
Assessment namely “diet, daily physical activity, mindset,
sleep, stress, and meal habits” They are measured because research
shows they have the greatest impact on weight management efforts and because
each one influences the others.

The Bodykey Personal Assessment calculates your current
position in each and determines the corresponding impact on your weight
management efforts.


The products can be utilized in combinations or individually
– as Bodykey Shakes, bars, snacks. As they are meal replacements, you can use
them as an alternative to 1 or 2 meals of your day.

the shakes: Mix one pack with 200-250 ml of skim milk.
make your own individual nutritious, delicious shake, just add fresh
fruits and ice.


Bodykey App 2.0
is like your round the clock coach that guides you on your diet and exercise
plan at the convenience of your gadget. Our progress is reported and synchronized
with the InBodyBAND, a fitness device that you can wear comfortably. It keeps
track of your body composition, heart rate, pulse, steps and calories along
with others. Sometimes you require extra motivation to achieve your fitness or
weight loss targets, fun quests and challenges are designed to help you stay on
track Together, these tools give you a good experience towards your weight
modification journey. Also, you can level up and get rewards based on your

The InBody Band, a device that tracks your body composition,
heart rate, steps and calories to name a few, is integrated with the Bodykey
app which acts as your trainer to provide you with meal and exercise
suggestions. These two together provide you with a seamless weight reduction

The Bodykey
Personal Assessment:

designed to tailor a weight management program specific to you.
based on global research to help you succeed.
six separate indexes to create your individual profile.
an easy-to-understand report and result booklet.
you make choices designed to better support your weight management efforts
so that you will be more likely to achieve your goals.
the latest fitness band technology and applications to help keep you in
touch with your body, your goals and your program.


9-Potential side effects of Bodykey?

None of the users who have used Bodykey commented on
experiencing any possible side effects. However, one of the important
ingredients of the Bodykey formula is the “SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE”. Soy has been
an essential ingredient especially in shakes like these. The weight loss
community believed it to be safe, until recently research has revealed that
excessive exposure of the human body to this ingredient can have an effect on
the thyroid hormones and result in a weak immune system. Thus, one needs to be
cautious before using it and if one suffers from any thyroid complication
should consult with their physician to continue this.

Regardless, a few people have also commented on gaining
weight back immediately after withdrawal from the program. To reduce weight for
a long-term and keep yourself fit permanently, it is essential that you
practice a healthy lifestyle and keep your diet in check, so you don’t lose the
weight right back again.

It should, however, be noted that these shakes are a
substitute to one or two meals, they’re not the only intake to be done. For
some, it may result in weakness sometimes.



10- Any possible program
warnings or contraindications of Bodykey?

A single serving
of Bodykey contains around 110 calories. This number is not
too bad compared to other shakes like these. It’s definitely fewer calories
than your body is used to getting from what we usually eat. Since 30 of these
110 calories come from fat, we calculate the percentage of a single serving
of Bodykey is comprised of fat. This is how we calculate

Fat Calories / Total calories multiplied by 100 so, 30/110 x
100 = 27%

So 27% of a serving
of Bodykey comes from fat. That’s actually alot for a stand-in
drink. According to the FDA, if this percentage is higher than 20%, the
product has the highest ratio of fat, which is much less than can be found in a
serving of Bodykey. To be considered “low-fat” a product has to
have less than 5% of fat. Bodykey does not qualify as per these
calculations. If you’re hoping to cut a sizable quantity of fat out of your
diet, Bodykey shouldn’t be your first choice.

Also, these ingredients, sound like they’ll keep us fully
charged, energetic and sometimes enough for your meals of the day. People have
complained of feeling lethargic with this being the sole consumption. So keep
your diet and lifestyle in check.


11-Any Bodykey Lawsuits?

No lawsuits or anything objectionable has been reported or
found as yet regarding the program or their products.


12- Bodykey Alternatives?

A couple of alternatives are available in the market. The
prices of these vary compared to Bodykey. These may come in different forms.

Derma cut

18 Shake



Burn HD

NV Sprinkles


13- Bodykey reviews?

There have been mixed reviews
regarding the products

Reviews located from Amazon. (Citeurl= )

By: J.Koep (August 11, 2015) –”I LOVE IT! Bodykey does what it promises; though I HATE the meal replacement
shakes that include STEVIA. The shakes without stevia are better in taste. I
lost 11lbs a month by just following the plan and not exercising. I stopped
taking it for a couple of years and resumed for more weight loss. The Bodykey
program teaches you how to eat better. I got the Fat trimmer so ever since I’ve
been off it I ALWAYS watch fat and sat fats in everything. It does help
remarkably. DO try it! You will not be disappointed.”

By: Luis Guerreroon (February 15, 2014) – “The
Bodykey product is fabulous! -Is great for my Weight
Loss Plan and I recommend it. I have lost about 25 lbs so far!”

By: Amazon customer (January 17, 2016) – “Yes! Bodykey
stuff works, but Amazon is not given the permission to sell Amway products. It’s
illegal and beats the purpose of hearing the great deals that an official IBO
can offer you.”

Review from diet spotlight. (citeurl=

By: Sally – “The Bodykey System is great. It’s convenient and
simplified. The products are all great and are effective… When taken properly
for extended periods of time.”

Review from the nutriway official website. (Citeurl= )

By Trish Yates-
“I lost
7.2kg and 5% body fat in 8 weeks. I love that my clothes are fitting again and
have gained confidence knowing that I look better and feel more energetic.”

“The main advice I can give is to not look for a short-term
fix to your weight concerns. The Bodykey® Program is about more than just
weight; it is also about your health. If you do not see quick results, stick
with the program, it is a lifestyle modification that will benefit you for the
long term. Never forget that you are eating for nutrition; organize your meals
so that you always have healthy choices on hand.”

” I will surely recommend the Bodykey Program
to anyone finding a weight reduction solution which is simple, achieving your
weight loss goals is possible now!”

The initial concern was the poor taste when using the Body
Key plan. “Some customers have complained about the flavour of the bars and
shakes,” said our Research Editor. “This is concerning because if you
can’t handle consuming them daily, they will not help you lose weight.”

One customer commented, “Yuck. I’m not sure what else to say.
I tried the meal replacement shake, the bars and the chews. Don’t like any of

A different user stated, “I like the snacks. The tortilla
chips and mixed nuts are fine.”

(citeurl : )



14-How can Bodykey be purchased?

I was pleased to see that we can buy
Nutrilite’s products directly from the corporation’s site itself. Without this
option, you’d be forced to look for some other source from which to buy Bodykey. Sometimes, this
could mean having to turn to third-party distributors who may overcharge you,
or even sell you a cheap product that’s the result of a knock off process. The
only way to be totally sure that you’re getting what you pay for is to purchase
the product directly from the company itself. Fortunately, with Nutrilite, you
won’t possess any such problems. The product can be purchased
individually or in the form of a kit ,”The Jump Start Kits include Inherent
Health Weight Management Genetic Test. BODYKEY™ Meal Replacement Shakes – Rich
Dutch Chocolate with stevia (28 servings). BODYKEY Appetite Control Chews –
Raspberry (30 chews). BODYKEY Super Green Aloe Shots (4 shots). NUTRILITE®
SLIMMETRY® Dietary Supplement (30-day supply). BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ Shaker

*Nutrilite products are sold as Nutriway products in
Australia and New Zealand also.

Getting started with the Bodykey® by NUTRIWAY® Program is
easy, just decide if you want to order the pack as a customer or if you would
prefer to sign up as an Amway Independent Business Owner. As an IBO, you
can start your own business and save money, not only on the Bodykey pack but also
across a whole range of award winning NUTRIWAY, ARTISTRY® and other Amway
products. When you register yourself as an IBO you will also have the
option of purchasing the Bodykey by NUTRIWAY Pack on a 30 day payment plan
option so you only pay half initially and the balance within the next 30 days.

For peace of mind, all Amway products are backed with a 90
Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! To order as a retail customer, simply register
as a VIP client by calling the Amway Contact Centre on 1800 45 46 47 (cite
URL: )



15- Bodykey price

According to customer reviews, Bodykey side effects
weren’t a problem, it was the high price of the supplements. One customer
commented, “So expensive. Just not worth it in my opinion. There are much more
affordable meal-replacement shakes and bars out there.”

“As long as I lose weight, I don’t mind that it costs
this much,” commented a customer

“The Jump Start Kit costs $399. This is too expensive for
me,” reported another.

Then again, not every customer complained about the
price. A dieter said, “Not a bad price when you consider you are replacing

Our research has shown that if there is some part of a
diet plan deemed concerning, like a high price tag, the probability of
long-term success is rather low. Therefore, if dieters can’t afford Bodykey
products, this could be a serious dilemma for the manufacturer.


Amazon (citeurl: )




(Citeurl :




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