IOT days gas spillage and gas identification

IOT Based Gas
Leakage Detection and Protection

Rahul Nalawade1, Vaibhav
Thorat2, Onkar Jadhav3, Mahesh Solanki4

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Computer Engineering Student, RMD College of Engineering, Pune, India.


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Abstract— These days gas spillage and gas identification is a noteworthy
issue in our day by day lives. Additionally gas wastage is a significant issue
that should be countered. LPG gas is very combustible and can cause harm to
life and property. To stay away from such circumstances, a lot of exertion has
been committed to the advancement of solid systems for distinguishing gas
spillage. As thinking about the presence of a hole isn’t generally enough to
dispatch a remedial activity, a portion of the hole identification systems were
intended to permit the likelihood of finding the hole. Our point is to decrease
the dangers in Kitchen utilizing Internet of Things. The principle point is to
propose the plan and development of a SMS based Gas Leakage Alert System. Gas
sensor are utilized to distinguish gas spillages in a kitchen. With the
assistance of an gas sensor the issue of gas wastage is additionally checked. A
caution goes off at whatever point the sensor doesn’t distinguish any vessel
over the burner past a specific period.

Keywords— IOT,
Android APP,  PHP, Embedded system,  Sensor.

I.      Introduction

LPG is as of now
the most utilized gas in our home for cooking purposes. LPG gas is a
combustible gas, if spilled it can make real harm life and property. Along
these lines it ought to be utilized as a part of safe dealing with way and
extra care must be taken to keep any spillage conceivable. The fundamental
highlights of LPG is that being heavier than air, it don’t scatter effectively
and may prompt suffocation when breathed in. The spilled gasses when lighted
may prompt blast. The quantity of passing because of the blast of gas chambers
has been expanding as of late. Presently a day’s people are having
exceptionally bustling calendar and consequently now and again they overlook or
don’t get enough time for booking the gas from the gas office. So it would be
much less demanding and accommodating if there was an arrangement to book the
gas consequently. A noteworthy measure of gas is being squandered because of
the recklessness of shopper’s .Sometimes they neglect to kill the burner which
may likewise could prompt harms. Our proposed point goes for location of gas
spillage and programmed controlling of gas valve. The savvy gas framework which
gives home wellbeing, recognizes the spillage of the LPG and cautions the buyer
about the hole by a warning through by utilizing android application through
Internet Of Things (IOT) and buyer can kill the gas valve , from anyplace on
the planet. The extra preferred standpoint of the framework is that it persistently
screens the level of the LPG exhibit in the barrel utilizing load sensor and if
the gas level comes to underneath the edge furthest reaches of gas so the
client can supplant the old chamber with new in time and books the barrel via
consequently send a warning to the gas organization. An additional component is
that if the clients accidently neglect to kill the gas burner, the framework
will illuminate by initiating an alert. so the issue of  wastage of the vitality is unravelled.

Internet of
Things: The capacity of different things to be associated with each other
through the Internet or It is system of 
physical gadgets (vehicles, building) associated with installed gadget
(software, sensor) through internet.IOT enables the question sensor gather remotely
crosswise over system of framework. IOT contains different spaces , conventions
, application. The interconnection of these inserted gadgets is relied upon to
introduce mechanization in about all fields, while additionally empowering
propelled applications like a brilliant matrix and growing to the regions such
as shrewd urban communities. In the meantime, IOT is emphatically attached to
the huge information period because of the colossal information that the
“Things” can create. For the interconnection of these gadgets,
diverse wired or remote norms exist. IOT give different private and endeavours
arrangement through most recent innovation .It extensively covers M2M
correspondence, brilliant matrices, keen building, savvy urban communities and
numerous more application. Utilizing IOT in shrewd urban communities/savvy
structures can absolutely give dependable and productive arrangements as it
will enable the client to associate with the elements.

II.   Motivation

Spillage of LPG can be perilous
as it raises the danger of building flame, suffocation or a blast. For each 20L
volume of air, 2% to 10% of LPG in air is sufficient to cause a blast.

The Chiba Oil Refinery fire
episode in Japan on eleventh March, 2011 which caused six wounds and devastated
every one of the 17 LPG tanks rings a bell.

III. Project Scope

can be used as alert and safety purpose in using gas.

can be beneficiary in kitchen.

can be also used at various places where gas is used such as Hostels(in gas
geysers), Cars,  etc.

helps in reducing the accident risk by suffocation or by the explosion.


IV. Literature Survey


Sr. No






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this paper used the IoT for Smart homes


Literature Survey




To implement a system which detects
the gas leakage and generates alert to the authorized person using GSM technology
and beeps Alarm in mobile.


VI. System Architecture



Fig. System


LPG Sensor is
installed near the LPG cylinder to detect the leakage of gas, once the minimum
threshold is reached it will send an alert SMS to the authorized person through
GSM technology also  the alarm in the
persons mobile phone will start beeping. The exhaust fan will start


The paper presents a low-cost, low power and simple system for device
control while LPG gas leakage or fire           
This system will have high application in industries and houses where it has
been a bigger challenge for safety  


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