Physical of physical security methods can be

Security Course Discussion

are several ways of providing physical security to protect an organization from intrusion or attack. Some of
these methods include the use of locks, vaults, security lighting as well as
safes. Depending on the components of the organization
or facility under protection, different types of physical security methods can be used. In the case of this paper, the
discussion focuses on the type of physical security that is best to secure a
data center. One of the above-mentioned examples of physical security types
is to be selected, backing it up with the reasons why it is the most suitable
security type.

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Locks are widely known
as either mechanical or electronic tools that are used to protect a building or
a safe by preventing a stranger access
since they do not have the key or
password to open it. However, in the case of a data center, the most suitable locks are the information technology
locks, which restrict access to databases and computer files. It is expected that a data center contains important information that intruders might want to
illegally obtain to either cause harm to
the company or use it for other roguish purposes. Therefore, in order to protect this data from getting into
the wrong hands, electronic locks are used in the computers containing the
information. This restricts the attacker
from accessing any detail from the database because they lack the password.

            The reason why computer locks are the best physical
security for a data center is because it is impenetrable, of all the listed
security measures. Without the security pin or password, an attacker cannot
access information from the database. However, security lights, vaults and
safes can all be crashed with a strong force.














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Edition. Butterworth-Heinemann,

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