Throughout learn something new. Keeping the same

Throughout our
life we are bound to learn something new. Keeping the same principle in mind, I
think learning is a never-ending process. Now, after
completing my undergraduation, I realize that my present knowledge would not
suffice and hence I would like to pursue my Master’s degree in Management
Science, which not only supplements the knowledge that I possess but also
provides a strong platform for my career aspirations and goals.

Going back to schooling
days, taking part in many competitions such as drama, football, cricket and
also getting honored as the head boy of my school by my principal has
inculcated leadership and managerial qualities within me This was the first
time in my life I came to know how the team works. Since my childhood I was
greatly influenced by my parents, their personalities and their attitude
towards life. As a teenager I was completely independent in taking my own
decision and set my own goals in life. Therefore, I decided long ago to study
engineering and did not miss any opportunities to learn how computers in our
everyday life worked.

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I had an affinity towards the field of
management from a young age and in my 3rd year of college I took subjects
such as Project Management and Business Communication. It helped me develop
strong leadership and management qualities by undertaking a series of case
studies. In my final year, I was working
with my project partners on my major project which was on ‘Social Media Analytics’.
Under this we aim to find the personality of an individual based on its tweet.
The project was built using technologies such as Java, R and MYSQL. The
personality was determined by the words used in the sentence and thus the
overall sentiment of the sentence can be analyzed.  Alongside the curriculum, I had published
paper on Social Media Analytics in the International Conference on Cloud
Computing and Virtualization in February 2016 which was duly certified. After
my graduation I joined a Dcyber Techlab Pvt Ltd as an intern. I choose Dcyber
because it is a startup, so I knew I would have a steep learning curve and
would also boarden my knowledge scope which will provide a path for my future
goals. I was involved in Product Testing and creating Test Cases for mobile
application ‘Copal’-a corporate team application. I also had to interact with
the international clients regarding the new changes needed in the dashboard.
Currently I am working in Riddhi Infosystem as a analyst. I look after the
DataBase Management using TOAD for MYSQL. 
Providing a structure to large volume data in form of graphs and
pie-chart. Additionally, I had the opportunity to guide 2 interns on testing
and making test cases for the project ‘R-logic’- a software used which to track
transportation deliveries.

At UT Dallas, I would look to build on my
interests to pursue a career in innovation and entrepreneurship. I also plan to
utilize the vast alumni network and strong industry connections to understand
what the market needs, and build my skills accordingly. After my MS in
Management Science degree, I look forward to work in the dynamic and fast paced
Startup environment to gain relevant work experience. In the long-term, I plan
to return to India, where the fast-developing economy requires experienced professionals
and I wish to start my own company by clubbing managerial and technical
proficiencies. This degree will narrow the gap between what I am and what I
want to be.






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