According These trends have been continuously emerging

According to HERMENEGILDO GIL GÓMEZ.,  Information systems and infrastructure has been evolved continuously by adapting the new requirements and technologies which emerged in the market every day. The evolution in this area has occurred fast in both technologies and philosophies of management. From the small programming application which supports the accounting in companies back in 1960’s has been evolved to constantly to manage and organize all the company’s needs like Logistics, Operations, Human resources, etc.  by using new evolving strategies like MRP, MRP II , traditional ERP and ERP II . All these methodologies allow the opportunity to connect both internal and external systems of the companies. Passing years, they adopted new functional and technologies available in the market to satisfy the business and customer needs by following innovative architectural and information systems. These trends have been continuously emerging from the ERP, e-commerce to latest m-commerce. M-commerce is the trendiest structure and most of the companies adopting, supporting inheriting the functional and technological techniques. Due to the latest open programming sources and evolved market, companies can easily adapt them to operate and optimize their resources. Evolution of Information Systems:  As per David Chow FCCA , The beginning era of computers with the mainframes to the new mobiles to access the information through the internet has been evolved fast and constantly. From electronic data processing also called EDP to Management information system popularly known as MIS technology has evolved and made companies and people’s lives better and easier. Electronic data processing is used for computers in recording, classifying, manipulating, summarizing data and automatic data processing . To make business decisions much easier and simpler new information systems created and called management information systems, which helps in decision support systems like product pricing and risk management. Most of the companies with these new Information systems enhances the value of infrastructure by using the innovative architectural technologies like data mining and data warehouse, with all these technologies, ERP trending towards automation and artificial intelligence to support machines to take care of human’s jobs.  In both scenarios, the important and focused areas are how the information systems infrastructure evolved and tend towards the latest functional and technological techniques. These explained the evaluation of ISI from the beginning era of the computer programming to build the accounting infrastructure in the companies to accessing the large e-commerce application in the mobiles also called m-commerce. The connection of companies internal and external systems are built and using the ERP functional strategy, similarly, the EDP processes the data such as transaction processing, record-keeping, and accounting. This summarizes the evolution of information system infrastructure and trends, and some technologies make disruptions making older technology obsolete. Some Jobs become obsolete and new opportunities in a different form are born and a new set of skills in demand.References:

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