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The role communication in computer science and software development is one of great importance. During an interview, the individual might need to explain how to solve a problem that requires interaction with other scientists and engineers. Important communication skills used for computer science issues include listening, verbal (and non-verbal) communication, as well as flexibility and a willingness to understand the thought process of other individuals. You will likely be working closely with other scientists and engineers to develop new technologies and applications. Computer science professionals need to communicate their ideas clearly and persuasively in both spoken and written formats.I believe that communication in computer science in unique to other fields in the sense that it is both mathematical and collaborative. Mathematical fields generally require less communication than others. However, software development requires the creation of applications that are used by consumers, so you will need to understand the audience that is consuming the product as well. These are all important aspects that make communication in the realm of computer science unique.As for ways that communication might be used to further my success in computer science, there are many. It is important to network and gain connections in the industry; whether that be with peers, professors, or otherwise. Communication also plays a crucial role when you are being interviewed. Without proper communication skills, the chances of getting the job are somewhat decreased, no matter the educational background or portfolio.Finally, there are a multitude of ‘hidden’ uses of communication in computer science. It is definitely important in researching artificial intelligence with natural language processing and speech recognition. There are definitely subsets of computer science where a communications background is essential. Although there is still work to be done; one aspect of communication that I consider a strength is interpersonal communication. An area that absolutely needs to be worked on is public speaking and presenting. With time and practice these skills will continue to be refined; whether that be at school or at an occupation.

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