Another is totally irrational and make no

Another   theme
is the ethnic terrorism, which is controlling countries all over the
world. It shows the world the battle that is being fought between east and west
and how the terrorism is affecting the world.The concept has been highlighted
for the people  belonging to the same
race. The ethnic groups are considered together with all the good or bad. All
the people are seen with the same eyes 
as one individual of the specific community being targeted. This is
happening with Muslims. Bad and good are 
both held responsible for whatever is happening all over the world. Once
in a lecture Dr. Zakir Nayak also 
mentioned that the way Americans and West considered 9/11 and the death
of thousands of people  in the
attack  had resulted in the killings of
Millions and millions of Muslims worldwide. They are still being targeted.
Still,those Americans Mourns on their deads, forgetting what happened to us and
what still is going on.

Maytha Alhassen said in the devastating stories ,

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“I’m Arab. I’m gonna own

(The Huffington Post,2016)


Islamophobia and stereotyping  of  muslims
as a result of nine eleven.

The term Islamophobia has been
highlighted  by International Institute
Of Islamic Thought (IIIT).  It has been
implied that any type of societal fear or terror  which is associated with Islam is totally
irrational and make no sense.




”  Even
if that fear stems from the fact that Islam’s prophet and its modern-day imams
call on believers to kill infidels, or from the fact that the 9/11 attacks were
carried out to implement those calls. Moreover, the term suggests that any negative
societal reaction to such exhortations to violence reflects a bigotry that
itself should be feared”.

 (Sheila Musaji,2015)


As Marcel Maussen puts it:

“Islamophobia groups together all kinds of different forms of
discourse, speech and acts, by suggesting that they all emanate from an
identical ideological core, which is an ‘irrational fear’ (a phobia) of Islam”

(Cesari 2006, p.6)

In The Times article, “The True, Peaceful Face of
Islam,” author Karen Armstrong explains that the  very word Islam is related to a longing for
peace .There was a report written in the newspaper New York Times , which states that,

“Since the attack the people
who  look Middle Eastern and Muslims ,
whatever their religion or nation  of
Origin , have  been singled out for
harassment , threats and assaults.”


The conditions  since 9/11 are becoming complex with time.
The attitudes of people post and pre 9/11 clears our ambiguities about the view
about Islamophobia.  The tensions ,fear
resulted just due to an exaggeration of  the
incident actually happened .Their might be other factors involved too, but as
we know Muslims are under attack from the beginning, it’s easy to put all the
blame on Islam. The “metaphorical fog” coming out of the twin towers still
affecting the lives of Muslims.

“If we’re going to put words on the cover
we should just use my War on Terror glossary.”

 (Kamila Shamsie,2011)

wanted  the readers to know how the same
cultured people have different aspects and opinions about the incidents
happening around them as well as around the world.In a very light tone Kamila
Shamsie(2011) presented this very serious issue. She used sarcastic humor in
her short story by presenting different glossary words for Gauntanamo, drone
attacks, racial profiling, as well as Islamophobia.

(Shukri Olow)  stated in the article that

“It’s even more difficult when you
identify as a Muslim and you also happen to be black”.

(The Huffington Post,2016)

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