TABLE in this field and making INDIA


Executive Summary

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          Brief on company




          Future scope

Description of

   Strategy and Implementation


   SWOT Analysis


Market Plan

   Situational Analysis

   Competitor Analysis

   Customer/Client Analysis


Marketing Strategy









Eagle I is
a start-up centred to represent all RC Place manufacturing industry members
from all over the country. our main interest in developing this company upgrade
the industries in India, in a systematic and scientific manner. Eagle I will
exploit its export potential to gain a valuable foreign exchange for the
betterment of INDIA.


the production of RC PLANES and provide best quality Toys conforming to
International Standards.

challenges & cultivate opportunity of the industry to the public sector
industries and create a working partnership between, Government and industry.

Eagle I – in

have excellent hands on skills in designing RC planes and also manufacturing
Almost-Ready-To-Fly (ARF) RC planes. Our team of specialists are enthusiastic
in making India a pioneer in this field. Eagle I is looking forward in
producing many R/C model aircraft. Eagle I is dedicated to bring the best class
products and the best service to clients. With the squad of creative plans and
skilled personnel, we will escort our clients with the best support in
technical background and complete enthusiasm…Our passion in exploring new
technologies in this field and making INDIA a pioneer in the RC manufacturing
environment will never stop.


Our mission is to establish an
indigenous RC planes manufacturing settlements in INDIA. We wanted to become a
pioneer in RC manufacturing by improving quality of the product and worker
involvement to produce RC Planes. Our focus will be on both in the local and
global marketplaces. We are also looking forward to expand this industry
throughout the country.


Our vision to produce
RC Planes that competes to global standards, to be client-focused and
internationally competitive through superior quality, cutting-edge technology and


in exhibitions nationally to create awareness of the diverse uses of RC planes
and get closer to the customers and suppliers.

·      To make the
product more affordable to the common people to be competitive in national and
international market.

·      Launching
excellent production facilities that aids to offer products tailored to buyers’

Future Scope

Four basic needs to brighten the fture
scope is Smaller, Cheaper, Faster, Better. The rate of manufacture has reached
the level of personal computers at present. Earlier military drones that were
manufactured by aerospace agencies costed millions but now they are very much
cheaper in today’s market. We are that point where these drones are used by
normal people and not only robotiscists. We have reached the stage where even
the common public could aspire to have a drone and think about what they could
do with it. The future scenario according to today’s proposals would surpass
the prediction today by a fair distance though.



? Our research reveals the presence of a chance to provide premium
service in a familybased ambience, where we can provide acceptable pricing to
our customers along with an appreciable profit in the growing market.


? Our costing strategy is to levy a sizeable price as per
industrial standards.

Ø Marketing
affordable products while making a sizeable turnover


? Make the equipments available


? Unique in design




Managing Partner – Mrs.Sumathi

Limited Partners:


? Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O) – Raghuram Rajan


? Operations & Public Relations – Gabriella Bernice


? Technology services – Dev Niklesh


? Sales and Marketing – Arun B


? Treasury and General Accounting – Ayswarya Venugopal


? Promotions & Customer Service – Bhoomi Menon


Consultants / Non-Partners (retained):


? General Entertainment Manager / Consultant – Shivam V


? Development Specialist (Govt.) – Chandrika Radhakrishnan




? The company has launched Operation Management System (OMS)
a software for managing all the transactions.Customers can also buy RC Planes
and parts with our app and use the in-built instruction manuals


?The company might request for funding from government based
organiztions which might be useful in buying lands for the development of the
suggested sites along with the other funding efforts



Address: Eagle I,Gorentla road, between
Amaralingeswara Swamy Temple and Krishna River, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh :567

Contact -040 -23645206, 040-67856473

Website: Twitter: #EAGLEI

Facebook: [email protected]

























Strength                –
Good customer service

§  High
quality product

§  Affordable

§  Advanced


Weak                     –
Dealer service

§  Slow
Production in initial stages.


Threats                  –
Intellectual Theft

§  Easy

§  High
labour demand

§  Less
awareness of  RC applications.


Opportunities       – Markets available for
RC applied field

§  Government




Control – one of the most successful method of contemplating
and collecting traffic information has been suggested using the proceesed video
strams of the static cameras. In accordance with the advancements in the fields
of technology and visual media along with the growing needs in controlling
traffic clogging efficiently the use of Unmanned Aerial Aircraft Systems (UAS)
has unfolded in the field of traffic engineering

Collecting visual information for large networks can
be a challenging procedure. Installing stationary cameras to monitor the extent
of a transportation facility has been a successful practise for years.
Nevertheless, several practical issues may emerge; for example, there are cases
where the area to be monitor is large and cannot be covered from static
cameras. Moreover, installing stationary cameras and supplementary
infrastructure can sometimes be too costly, especially when an area does not
need to be monitored anymore.

So we have created an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System
as an alternative in order to overcome the above-mentioned limitations and
shortcomings of current practices.

Features :

with rapid developmet

cost efficiency when compared to helicopters

longer flight timings

·      Better
performance I  bad weather conditions

·      Easy operation

Photography, Film Making and Journalism — the
fields of Cinematographyand sports photography have begun to make use of
drones. Events like skiing and snowboarding were filmed using drones in
winter Olympics 2014.Journalists also prefer using drones. The use of
drones to for capturing live footage is a major scope in the future.
Another fast growing scope is in the fiels of real estate where aerial
photographs are used for marketing

·       Shipping/
Delivery — establishments like Amazon, UPS and DHL
prefer drone delivery though FFA does not support it. Delivery of Small
Packages, Pizzas, letters etc. is possible with drones at short distances.

·       Disaster
Management — drones proves to be very useful in quickly
collecting information after the occurrence of any disaster. It can be used by
rescue teams working in areas. Instead of mis-spending resources on man handled
helicopters, drones with their top quality cameras and radars provide A much
better field of view. It has an advantage of smaller size and thus is handy in
providing closer views where bigger aerial vehicles cannot attain access 

·       Search
and Rescue/ Healthcare — finding lost people
has become an easy task with the thermal sensors in drones. Rescue missions
require quick action especially in unfavourable conditions and drones serve the
purpose. They can also be used to drop in supplies in unaccessible locations.

·       Geographic
Mapping —3D maps of very high resolution can be
produced for regions like eroded coastline or mountain tops which are difficult
to access. Beginners and professionals collect the information and acquire the
information instantly using the technology. Crowd sourced mapping applications
like open street mapping use drones to collect data.

·       Structural
Safety Inspections —Drones can be used to get a very good
quality live visual inspection for utility companies to check power lines, gas
pipe lines, wind turbines etc. from a safe distance. Features like sensing
three dimension, thermal readings and detection of metal strains helps in the
development of infrastructure inspection. A new level of detail can be provided
by smaller drones which can get closer views that upgrades the performance.

·       Precision
Agriculture — 80 percent of the market scope of
drones is in this field. Improving the management and yield requires regular
close monitoring of the crops in a cheap method without threats to others. The
infra-red sensors which can sense crop health enables farmers to respond and
enhance the conditions using pesticides and fertilizers.

·       Wildlife
Monitoring/Pooching  —poaching is a growing issue.
Elephants, rhinos and big cats are disappearing at a great rate. Drones pose a threat
to the illegal poachers and loggers. They also monitor salmon, rabbits, seals,
sea lions and hence help in studying their behaviour . drones can operate get a
very close view of the wildlife without disturbing it. It also has thermal
sensors which can operate at nights with complete protection.

·       Law-Enforcement and
border patrol — it help in monitoring public
safety and criminal activity in crowded areas and also in fire investigations.
Smuggling and drug migrants can be monitored using border patrol with the help
of drones.

·       Construction
Sites — aerial monitoring of the construction
site during construction gives several inputs. Though at present this
technology is being used only for large scale projects, in near future this
technology If made easily available at all levels, will be used widely. The
precise aerial 3d pictures captured can be used for comparison with the plans
for better material coordination at the site

·       Storm
Tracking/Forecasting — dronies can be flown into hurricanes
and tornadoes to study their trajectory and behaviour. These dangerous
environments require unmanned sysytems and these drones equipped with special
sensors to give detailed weather parameters serve the purpose.

·       Fun
— drones are now used by several hobbyists as a toy to play and fly using
remote controls and also by programming AI. It cab be utilized to record videos
and photographs like the DRONIE.











Development Stages:



Throughout the time period  the applications of using RC Planes have been
a drastic increment due to the integration of Artificial intelligence which
makes it a best competitor for their own applications .



are many factors that influence the usage and services of drones such as
consumer confidence ,economy level, regional consumption far as india is
concerned ,it’s the development phase which lead to necessity of
drones,necessity leads like  our company
play the role of keeping eye on ground.



It is crucial to analyse the
competitors our business would face throughout its expansion in the global market.
After thorough research, we can conclude that has little or no competition in
the market however, a lot of competition exists in other Middle Eastern
countries. Nevertheless, the might find other substitutes like the Chinese
quadcopter drones that are being sold for a maximum price, but they aren’t
comparable to our drones whether speaking of stability, efficiency, automation,
but on the other hand it offers a huge set of benefits and advantages with it;
as in the user wouldn’t fear any crash and poor filming or camera quality(for
commercial use). In addition, it is important to emphasize the type of market
our drones would be in. Now, even though there are a few sellers of mass
production than any major seller for high quality drones. So we can conclude
that we are in a monopoly, since we are the better sellers with integrated
technology. “What do people or organizations now demand from drones?” Well,
people want to use drones for surveillance meaning they need a good camera, a
durable long lasting battery, and an automated system allowing the drone to
evade obstacles automatically or safely land and take off on its own.Our
company has the outside in view of marketing and successfully targeted the
demand of consumers in order to satisfy their demand.



Organizations are also our major target, Ministries of

Agriculture in lots of countries
all over the world are using a  drone
specially equipped with pesticides that would hover above the fields of
different types of crops and efficiently spray 6- 7 acres of land in an hour
much faster and efficient than worker. In addition to the ministry of
agriculture, another prospective customer is the military, because our drones
can be tuned to adopt several combat accessories such as thermal optics to
detect bombs and enemies from miles away and also terrain mapping which gives a
clear drawing of the grounds in a combat this helps soldiers in unfamiliar land
to navigate easily. However, these preferences of the people might change,
because as we already mentioned it targets the young people, and as a result of
their growth, their tastes and preferences change. So to refocus their sight on
the use of extensive promotion campaign that highlights the benefits of having
such a user friendly state of the art technology.




Now that we have decided who to serve, it is necessary to understand how
we will serve those target markets. Since they are different markets, they
require different marketing strategies to appeal to their unique needs and
values. Our marketing strategy revolves around 2 basic principles: positioning
and differentiation. This allows us to forms our Value Proposition which serves
as the foundation for the next step and that is the implementation of the
marketing strategy through the 4Ps.




The Business
should focus on high level customer satisfaction through our wide range of
products in various fields such as military, environmental safety, surveillance
and in commercial day to day use. Our products come at a rate that is
affordable even to the poorest of developing countries. Visualizing of what the
product is all about gives an insight on what are the important aspects to
integrate in product strategy, which are



Support Service



      Our research and development team is
always working on new ones and bettering our existing products. Closely
following market trends, our company strives to bring to our customers only the
latest and best in terms of design and engineering.



Our product should be positioned in the
minds of the buyers as mentioned earlier as desirable designs with the power to
perform up to the level that exceeds the buyer’s expectation in order to
capture value on return.   


Product Support Service:

                 People should solve any
problems they might face, that helps in making the customers life a bit easier
will also create more customer perceived value as they will notice the company
delivering a product with an outstanding overall marketing offering.




                 Even the cheapest of products
can be expensive if we are not able to sell on its value. Effective promotion
is the key to communicating the value and benefits of a product to consumers.



                  Our company proposes to choose its
locations after thoughtful and detailed research and demographic and geographic
profiling. (i.e. finalizing the location). 
The proposed site is a twenty acre parcel in the Amaravati area of state
Telangana, between Amaralingeswara Swamy Temple and Krishna River.






Surveillance RC =Rs20,000

Military RC           =Rs40,000

Aid Assistant RC   =Rs25,000 

Toy RC                  =Rs3000




The process of staffing involves the recruiting of
labour needed to fill the available positions in an establishment. This process
determines the criteria and the number of staffs needed.


? advertising for job vacancies to provide manpower
in leading newspapers, local T.V channels and social websites.


? recruitment of an employee requires utmost
attention and recruitment will be done based on the results of the tests and
the interviews conducted.

? The final selection will be done by experts in the
field according to our company standards


?training is the period of time where in the
employee strenghthens his/her skills,acquires the required knowledge and
effects changes in attitude which would improve their performance.

?the helpers will be given off stage trining, to
ensure safety of the visitors.


? Our company motivates its employees to work
willingly to achieve organizational goals

? Labour union is formed to address the problems
faced by the employees.

? There will be no discrimination between employees

? Incentives and other rewards will be given
according to their performance.

? Regular meetings organized to build good labour





Eagle I will ensure preium quality with the help of feedbacks
collected form our regular customers.





?the valuable suggestions of the customers will be taken into
account and enhancements will be implemented based on the feedbacks recieved.


 ? periodic reviews
will be conducted with the help of customers to make sure we are on the right




Risk is associated with every business and for our business
can be from :

 ? Rivals

 ? customer preferences

 ? variation in demand

? Environmental factors


Limiting factors


There can be a number of limiting factors due to accidental
risks. There can be a number of unplanned risks due to negative impact on


Risk reduction strategies


 Strategies which help
to reduce risk associated with business


? Developing several strategies like providing unique and
superior service to its customers to overcome risks due to rivals and varying
customer preferences


 ?  To lessen risk due to other external factors,
we at Fun dayss will stay in contact with public by organizing periodic





EAGLE I is a futuristic company expected to have a tremendous
growth as there is a serious need of RC Planes in day to day activities of
human species. Our company will be functioning as per the management design
given above. Our next focus will be on creating awareness about the importance
of RC plane and mass producing it to bring down the cost. We are also aiming to
create an employer friendly platform where every individual in the company
whole heartedly contributes to the improvement of this technology and the



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