Have excited than frightened, I told myself

Have you ever been in a situation where somehow you
couldn’t comprehend anything that was going on around you? Well I’ve been there
done that, on the 21st of April 2015, I flew 3255mi away from home to a place
where I gained a new perspective on life and experienced new things.

       If my memory
serves me well I remember waking up early morning around 5 am to the sound of
birds chirping and my mother calling me so vaguely “we have to be at the
airport soon you should get up” she kept saying. That’s when I got up to
get dressed and the idea of me going to travel to Paris for the first time
still hadn’t come to my mind. When we arrived at the airport my heart started
pounding out of my chest, but as time went by I was more excited than
frightened, I told myself I was going to make the best out of this experience
which I did.

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      When I got
off the plane seven hours later, I was hit with the fact that I was in a
beautiful city I have always dreamt of seeing. After going through security and
customs, we took a taxi to our hotel which was near Arc de Triomphe which is a
monument that honors those who fought in the French Revolution and Napoleonic
War. As we were driving through the city to get to our hotel the beauty of the
city caught my eye. It was like love at first sight.

     Arriving at
the hotel, we unpacked, slept and began our adventure through the city of
light. The first monument we went to see was the Arc de Triomphe since it was
just down the street then we drove by The Champs-Élysées, which is known to be
the world’s most beautiful avenue. We later had dinner and went back to the
hotel and day one was checked of the list. The next morning we went to the
Seine River and had a boat tour around the city. At night we visited the Eiffel
Tower standing at 1,063 ft. tall, looking over the city as a mother looks over
a child playing. I was fascinated by this sight as it was sparkling like fairy
lights on a Christmas tree. We also visited the Musee du Louvre museum and saw
the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and Egyptian mummies, and of course the
building itself, the architecture of it is breathe taking and splendid.

      The city truly changed my perspective on
life and was eye opening I got to experience a season I never experienced, I
was surrounded with people who spoke a different language than I and not being
able to communicate can sometimes be frustrating but I think that is what raised
my self-esteem and that was the most important change that occurred within me.
I went back home more confident than I was.

      A good trip can change your life in ways
never before thought possible       In conclusion my visit to Paris, France
was truly a memorable experience

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