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If you are reading this, the guess is you already know what an Audio Interface is, be it a deep knowledge or merely a subsurface knowledge. An Audio Interface in simple terms is a device that connects musical/recording equipments to a computer. Of course, it does more than just connect devices but for one who isn’t well versed, this is probably the most precise way to explain it.An Audio Interface, otherwise also known as a Sound Card converts your analog sound played, for example on a guitar, into digital format that can be recorded and stored on a computer while enhancing the sonic capabilities of your computer. There are a number of Interface brands in the market but this review is strictly restricted to the Tascam US-144 Mk II.This piece of device is produced by Tascam; a trusted name with over 30 years of progressive success in the field of electronics and audio gears. Tascam is credited as the manufacturer of the first cassette-based multi-track studio recorder – the Portastudio.Tascam has incessantly continued to push the envelopes by creating studio recording gears which has led to this amazing USB-MIDI Interface. If you’re a professional musician or a hobby musician on a budget looking for something effective, this might just be what you need.This USB-MIDI Interface is a relatively small sized device powered by a USB (this means it requires no adapter) connecting to your PC and gives you unimaginable recording quality of up to 96khz/24bit sample rates. Since it appears to be an upgrade of the US-122, it offers you four audio inputs (two XLRs and two 1/4 line inputs) with Phantom Power for condenser microphones and four audio outputs as well as opposed to the two inputs and two outputs that the US-122 has.The US-144 has a zero latency monitoring option that ensures there is minimal to no delay going back and forth the computer. Right at the back are the MIDI input and output ports which allows for the use of MIDI controllers and synthesizers. Unlike many others among its peers, the US-144 provides an independent control for headphones which means you can control the output levels of your monitor speakers separately from the the headphones. This is very essential especially during the recording process. The US-144 Mk II is one of the best in its price range. To be at least critically fair, the preamp isn’t exactly the best as there are a number of other interfaces with a slightly better performance, but with about just $150, you are guaranteed a quality that will almost match up with what you get from multimillion dollar recording studios.You are getting a 96 kHz/24 bit sample rate which comfortably doubles the commercial requirement of 44 kHz/16 bit sample rate plus a copy of Steinberg’s Cubase LE4 which is already enabled for an immediate smooth recording all at $150. What more can you ask for? As a matter of fact, you are already getting more than you deserve.

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