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The black
death was a type of plague and was one of the most devastating diseases to
affect the human race. It was estimated that between 75-200 million people
died. It is thought that the plague started in Asia in 1346 and spread
throughout the most of Europe by 1353. There were several different forms of
the plague. It is thought that the disease was most likely spread through
Europe by rat fleas that lived on black rats, these black rats were carried on
merchant ships.

The most
common symptoms were big boils that resembled tumours, mostly in the groin or
in the armpits, Which were full of blood or pus. This was then followed by high
fever and vomiting. Most victims would die between 2 and 7 days. The disease
spread so quickly because in the towns and city’s people lived very close
together and in these times they knew nothing about contagious diseases and how
to prevent them from spreading. Also the disposal of dead bodies was very crude
and those who handled the bodies did not protect themselves in any way.

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Some people
thought that the black death was a punishment from god, these people would whip
themselves hoping that god would forgive there sins.

Towns and
city`s started to face starvation as the men who usually ploughed fields and
helped the farmers to tend to their animals were victims of the disease
therefore there was no man power to do the harvest so basics such as bread milk
that was not available. As a result the prise of food went up creating more
hard ship for the poor. Those who did survive the black death believed there
was something special.

During these
times doctors were unable to prevent or cure the plague. Some cures they tried
included cooked onions, arsenic, siting in the sewers, siting in a room between
to large fires and fumigating the house with herbs.




If anybody
in your household had symptoms of the plague you would have to paint a black
cross on your front door to warn others that the disease was present. Even
today there are still outbreaks of the black death around the world but due to
better hygiene in city`s and towns and improved treatment with antibiotics has
made this killer disease a rare one. And now due to modern scientific evidence
we now know that the disease was not transmitted through flea bites but it was
an airborne plague that spread through coughs and sneezes by infected human

There was a
nursery rhyme though to be about the black death called ring a ring a roses.
This was because people who had the plague symptoms would come out with a rosy
rash and to protect themselves and keep away the smell of the disease they
would carry a posies of herbs. The sneezing or coughing was the final symptom and
you would fall down dead.

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