Basic culture from the rest. Hence, there

Conventions of Egyptian Art

Henry M. Sayre style and
presentation in “Discovering the Humanities” uses numerous pieces of art to
demonstrate various times in history. In particular, the historical
representation of the Egyptian culture and historical architecture (Sayre,
2013). For starters, Henry makes it clear that the art depicts three stages of
evolution. These are the Paleolithic period, Mesolithic and Neolithic.
Egyptians are known to be the worshippers of gods and be ruled by a supreme
leader like the Pharaoh (Sayre, 2013). These being key aspects in their
culture, Henry uses a pyramid-shaped temple as a structure of worship and
demonstrates how it portrays the Egyptian culture by using various platforms,
staircases, and a shrine at the very top. This particular art impresses one because
it is hard to believe that people had the ability to come up with such
creations at the time. Here, Egyptians’ cultural beliefs, their significance
and why these beliefs are present till date is widely brought up and discussed.

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Generally, Henry is able
to demonstrate to readers that the Egyptian leadership, beliefs, and practices
were all bound within a unique culture represented in every area of their
lives. This means that it was possible for the Egyptian culture to be easily
identified and respected long enough to exist to date (Sayre, 2013).  Henry’s use of the very well-known pyramids
to simulate stories and narratives as well as his use of creative shading gives
these particular Egyptian arts a two-dimensional presentation making them look
really enticing and natural (Sayre, 2013). Overall, his target audience is able
to discern the Egyptian culture from the rest. Hence, there is a  clear depiction of hierarchy between
characters at a higher position than the rest and a series of adventures is
illustrated that maintained a bond throughout the ancient times Egyptians.



M.H. (2013). Discovering the Humanities 2nd
Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

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