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Most, if not all of the Simpsons episodes contain rhetorical elements portraying a certain message. On the eighth season, episode 23, the form of rhetorical humor falls all on Bart this time, causing the audience to hate him. There is no other character of Simpsons have ever made the greater impact as the one which was made by Frank Grimes. Not even the traitorous Lyle Linley. Frank Grimes-or, “Grimey,” which is the name he like being called, has been a character who becomes heat-able and remains as a public figure who all people like to watch. Frankie Grime is a television intruder who is typical and one who will change the perception of the viewer of the show toward the show status. He may also represent the audience reaction in the content where one has to deal with someone like Simpson Homer on a regular basis. There are several characters who we know who are in a position that embodies particular angles of Homer. However, for a small moment, Frank will have to work in an office which is close to Homer. This means he has to stand idly for a while as an erratic co-worker and stumble in his way to the center of humble mediocrity. Having that is mind; it will not be surprised when the “written by” credit goes to Swartzwelder. Because of that reason, the enemy of Homer will stand as something more than a just mere exercise of just the television commentary. It becomes a medication of comic black pitch of trying to understand why bad things always happen to good people. By all measure, Frank Grime is an upstanding citizen of Springfield who is in a position to overcome adversity after the other. Nevertheless, he is usually driven mad by the aspects which he perceives as the beautiful life of Homer. You should not mind for the fact that all the 175 episodes which precede Homer’s Enemy shows that the life of Simpson family not being easy. By the time frank arrives at Evergreen Terrace 742, the only thing he is able to see is the spacious interior of Homer, a Simpson scion who owns a factory and photo of Homer in space. A script of Swartzwelder pulls the fantastic switcheroo after Casa De Simpson Frank Storms. Nevertheless, the 1st part of the episode suggest to the audience viewer to consider Homer Simpson as a person: the question which will arise is whether he is still lovable despite the fact that he is risking the lives of every person who is around him. How can one be a person who is reckless in performing his duties in the job yet he faces no risk of being dismissed. How is it also be possible to bother to care for a person who according to Lenny’s counts has been in a position to cheat death 316 times. The answer to these questions according to the remainder of Homer’s Enemy is precise. According to him, it does not matter since, in the real sense, we are not talking about a human; rather, it is a cartoon character. However, this character will have well-gathered qualities and traits which are well gathers which are flexible enough come up with hundreds of hours of TV contents. Homer is Teflon even around workplace since even that he needs to give up the power-plant gig to plow to enable him to drive ways for a living, he still needs to come back in the chair of the inspector the following week. On the other hand, in contrast, Frank Grimes  is more comparable to our world’s inhabitant. He is somebody who appears to expect the aspect of social Darwinism to throw Homer Simpson into the dustbin of history in order for his brave soul who is alleged to have survived an explosion of the silo to rise up to the top. He is so insistent on the aspect of meritocracy which Grime Frank died attempting to reinforce. This is where one can find the enemy of Homer being a polarizing episode which is one of the Simpsons faithful. The show contains a cynical moment, though after the viewer being introduced to the Simpsons may make someone think that the heart of series is as black as a coal. Frank Grimes demise is handled  a jump cut which is cruel in a manic break which does not even give the character some dignity of being taken out of the nuclear power plant of Springfield. According to the tombstone, it is just a high voltage wire. As people were in the mourning situations, Homer who was deep asleep came to realize what was in the show and he calls his wife to immediately change the channel before his former college is buried into the ground. I think that the enemy of Homer succeeds in saving itself from the cruelty of its own. Nevertheless, it is a Simpson which is written by an expert with an installment of a starting point which is simple. But in this case, who could be in a position to dislike Homer Simpson. There will be multiple answers to these particular questions. Hank Azaria has portrayed Frank as a stick in the mud which is unpleasant which goes long way as well. By using a little exaggeration to his normal speaking voice, Azaria is in a position to create a persona who is so tight if Homer was not in a position to make Frank snap, it would be clear several other unwitting saps would have. However, there is some particular inherent which are present in this episode: one aspect which is present is the aspect where people are destined to have everything being washed out of their own back such as Homer; some other people like Millhouse will always be bosses throughout their lives. On the other hand, there are some dogs which are destined for being executives where they will become vice president in this nuclear power plant. However, all Frank Grimes is a stepping stone that the Simpsons needed to show how cruel and rhetoric Homer can be.

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