Setya the House of representatives. Setya Novanto

         Setya Novanto, 62 years old politician of Indonesia, is a parliamentary speaker of the House of representatives. Setya Novanto has started his role in politic in 1998 and He have became a member of People’s representative council. Last year the anti corruption commission (KPK) has confirmed investigating Setya Novanto. He is being a part of the biggest Indonesia’s corruption case ever. The electronic identity graft case has maked Indonesia loses around 170 millions dollars. (Kharisha Kafi, 2017). First time he was named as a suspect in the e-ID case was in july, 2017. The e-ID projects has happened in 2011 and Novanto has judged to be a important role in misappropriate million of dollars in the project. An audio recorded from the FBI exhibits that allegedly implicated Novanto into the graft case. It is believed he has been implicated to a lot of corruption case since 1999. In 2015, He was accused to trying export 1.8 million dollars from United state mining giant Freeport McMoran interchange with allowing it operating in West Papua province. (Joe Cochrane, 2017) In November, 2017 After the commission declared him as a wanted person, he disappeared on Wednesday, when KPK officer break into his jakarta home. Later, he turned up in the hospital on the day after because of the car accident. Federich Yunadi, His lawyer referable he had suffered head injuries after the car accident on his way to investigators for questioning but Febri Diansyah, KPK spokesman, said the doctors had concluded he did not need to stayed at the hospital. Also, KPK Vice Chairperson Basaria Panjaitan said they found an evidence that his lawyer had booked a room for him on November 16 before the car, which Setya was a passenger in, hit a power pole. Frederich also made plans to book an entire hospital floor for Novanto and even particular that he would coming at around 9 p.m. The evidence also show that Dr.Birmenesh manipulated medical datas try to keep him inpatient care. KPK has been named Frederich and Dr.Birmenesh suspected on Wednesday 10th January, 2018. After Frederich did not showed up at the questioning on Friday 12th January he has been under arrested by anti corruption commission. He has been working for Setya since KPK named Setya as a suspected in July, 2017 but he quit the job when Setya almost face the graft trial (Kharisha Kafi, 2018)

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