1.1 that of having user results exactly

1.1 Introduction

examination is web based application; the main purpose of the online
examination system is that it allows companies/institutions to perform
examinations to any number of applicants at once, in a computerized way.
It saves sufficient time intake and amount of work that exist in the
existing system. It also allows to saving the record of each evaluation
and the results are also saved in the system. This makes the looking for
information easier than the current system.

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examination system provides a substitute means of ranking of users and keeping path
of registered administrators and users. The system also comes with a great
bene?t which is that of having user results exactly upon examination completion
which removes the issue of physical stationary such as question papers and
formal examination settings, venue bookings and monitoring. The objective is
then to develop a fully useful online examination system to allow user to appear
test on fixed dates.



Online Examination System is designed
for educational institutes and also can be used in different companies.

The system handles all the operations,
and produces reports as soon as the test is finish that contains name, mark,
time consumed to solve the exam.

Examination will be very easy in proposed system as it is

Result will be very precise and accurate and will be declared in
very short period of time because calculation and assessments are done by the simulant

The proposed system is very secure as no chances of leakage of
question paper as it is dependent on the administrator only.

The nature of questions is only multiple
choices, true and false.

The records of appeared candidates and
the marks are stored as backup in system for future use.


1.3 System Study:

is a very time consuming and deadly method where both user as well as institute
used to perform all jobs manually like user registration, set question papers, set
Plans to finally announcing the result.

entire procedure of assigning test and evaluating their marks after the test,
was done manually checkout. It is very time wastage process; also it is
difficult to save the answer sheets being generated as well as the keep the
record of each examination. Mostly chances for loss the records are high and for
searching a record will be very difficult. Announcing the result process takes
the more time and need attendance of many supervisors is a necessary if there
are numbers of candidates to give the exam.

i)   The present system is
very time consuming.

ii)  It is very difficult to
analyze the exam manually.

iii) To take exam of more applicants more supervisors are

iv) The chances of paper leakage are more in current system.

v)  Provide result will take
more time as it is done by manually.

 vi) In case leakage of
paper will be handle very difficult due to printed paper again reprint paper
takes more time.


1.4 Objectives of the Proposed

                   The main objective of the online examination
system is that it helps companies/institutions to conduct exams to any number
of candidates at a time, in an automatic way. It decreases the time consumption
and load that exist in the present system of examination. It also helps in store
the record of each user and the results are also stored in the system. This
system provides easier way for searching the record than existing system.

            The main purpose of the proposed
system is to professionally calculate the applicant carefully over a fully
automated system that not only saves a lot of time but also provide fast and
accurate results.

            The administrator of the proposed
system makes the tests and questions for each test.  The user can login through the client
computers with their registered login id and password given  to them for appears in the exam. The questions
are shuffled in a random order so that options for receiving questions in the
same order for the students who are sitting, near is very less. Timer will be
start when the test start and it will monitor the time and test will be stop
after the given time completed automatically. If user completed his test before
the time user can submit and can view the result. The examination result to
analysis is very easy because it is done by the system; so proposed system
saves the lot of time than a manual system. There are no restriction are there
that supervisors has to be present when the candidate take the test.

1.5 Features.

Admin manages the whole system by
performing task such as         

      adding/viewing/editing/deleting of test

System allows admin to add candidate
details and create candidate login and password.

Candidate can login using provided id
and password which is provided by the admin at the time of test.

After successful login candidate can
read instruction carefully about test.

Candidate can start test after reading
the complete instruction.

Test will be start on time and when time
finished test will be stopped.

Test question appear on screen randomly
to each candidate from different subjects.

Once option is selected from given
different choices and click for next question.

Candidate cannot move back on previous
question to see again.

When the test completed data will be
stored on main server.

Administrator can view test result after
completion of test.










                        The Software is functional in Windows XP, Windows 7
with Mysql server client environment to work optimum. The GUI design is very
much user friendly and easy to use.


concern about the dependability the software is designed to create user
friendly and error free. Authentication of data is the most valuable feature adds
in to this software because it is core of for any good programming plan.
Generating the reporting make it very reliable for the decision creatures of
the organization, decision make in the light 
of weekly, monthly, and annual reports and make correct decision
according to the facts and figures. 

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