Adoption that “approximately 1 in 5 Canadians

Adoption is the combination of both unconditional love and sacrifice. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Adoption as “to legally take another’s child and bring it up as one’s own.” (Oxford University Press, 2018) Adoption plays an important role in forming a strong interconnected bond in the growth of Canadian society. It gives value to human life from the moment of conception, and provides the birth parents with options after birth. It is a choice. Around 7 million Canadians have been affected by adoption, which means that “approximately 1 in 5 Canadians are touched by adoption.” (Adoption Council of Canada, n.d.) This connection can occur as a biological parent, an adoptee, or an adoptive family. Adoption supports the fetus’ right to life. Adoption is beneficial to the biological father and birth mother. Contrary to popular belief, many biological parents choose to place their child up for adoption. This choice is an act of love that allows a better chance in life for both the birth parents and the baby. Adoption is a great option for the biological parents that are not prepared or capable to raise a child. In the United States, it is estimated that 750,000 teenagers become pregnant every year; however, 82% of that number is unintended. (Advocates for Youth, 2008) A vast majority of these unplanned babies are placed in the adoption system. Without easy access to adoption for pregnant teens in Canada, it places the fetus at risk of abortion or the baby at rick of abandonment. Even if one of the inexperienced teenagers chooses to drop out of high school to parent, these babies are at risk of not having the support that they require, as their birth mother or father may not be prepared to assume the responsibility that is needed to raise a child. Instead, when a child is put up for adoption there is hope that another family is ready to love and care for the baby. My father’s birth mother was 16 years old when she gave birth to him, and he was adopted through public adoption by the Sawatzky family who was willing to provide him with a loving home. If my father had been aborted or abandoned by his teenage mother, his life would be non-existent or completely different from the one he has today. He never would have moved to Newfoundland, met my mother, started his own business, and my brother and I would not exist. I truly believe that my grandmother made a responsible choice to put my father up for adoption, and she gave him a better chance at a great life. Adoption is a far more supported and respected option to consider with an unplanned pregnancy. Placing a baby up for adoption can offer the couple a second chance to reset the path that they are currently on. Placing a child up for adoption has a positive effect on biological parents in Canada today, because it allows the birth parents the ability to proceed with the confidence of good choices and a hopeful future.   The process of adoption is very beneficial to children in Canadian society, as there is an estimated number of 30,000 Canadian children who are waiting for a family. (ABBA Canada, 2012-2018) Adoption offers these children the best chance at living a fulfilled life. Children who are placed in foster homes or orphanages will have a life that is constantly uprooted as they move from one living situation to the next, and these temporary placements are not a solution. During an interview by The Agenda, the executive director of the Adoption Council of Ontario, discusses the improvements that have been made to the foster care and adoption system in Ontario. When asked if she thinks it is best to adopt children out of the foster care system, she responds, “Absolutely! Foster care is a great system, but it has an expiry date. And so, we do believe that families should not have an expiry date.” (The Agenda, 2015, November 19) No child deserves to be bounced between temporary living situations with no guarantee that they will have a home in years to come. Children require constant love and care that orphanages and foster homes struggle to provide, so when a baby or child is adopted, they are placed with a loving, committed family.  Therefore, adoption gives a child both, a stable home and a loving family that will allow them the opportunity of a bright future. Adoption has a positive effect on Canadian families. Adopting a child is a lengthy process that can take months, but for many families, those few months of paperwork, lead to decades of happiness. There are many factors that can cause a couple to consider adopting a child. Many couples are unable to have their own children due to infertility, pregnancy complications, and/or genetic diseases/conditions. It is estimated that 2 in every 10 couples have problems with infertility (The Government of Canada, 2013, February 04), and they cannot biologically have a baby. Another factor that effects the ability for a family to have a child is a genetic condition or disease. Cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, and Huntington’s disease are only three examples of genetic conditions that can be passed down from a parent to their children. Many parents who have and live with a genetic condition may not want to risk passing that gene onto their child.  These couples can be devastated, as they want a family of their own, and adoption is the next best thing! Adoption is the best way for a family with health problems to have a child without the concern of passing on genetic diseases. When a family adopts a child, that child becomes their own, it is a myth that adoptive parents can never love that child as much as a biological parent. It is important to understand that when families choose to adopt a child, they are giving them a brighter future. Adoption of a child, no matter what age, gender, culture, or religion, is a chance to help children have a safe place to call their own. Adoption allows a couple the opportunity to experience the joy that a family offers. Adoption benefits the biological parents, the adoptive child, and the adopting families. Adoption is a positive solution that meets the needs of some of the challenging issues that occur within Canadian society. Each fetus that is conceived holds the key to unlocking a brighter future. The signature on every adoption certificate offers a new beginning in the lives of the biological parents, the adoptee, and the adoptive family. Something that seems so insignificant, and yet is so powerful. The right choice is Adoption.

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