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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are “organism who had changes introduced into their DNA using the method of genetic engineering”. Genetic engineering is sets of techniques in which scientist can change any treats in the DNA for any organism such as plants, humans and bacteria. (Genetically modified organism) The GMOs first introduced in the U.S in the 1990s. In the recent years the GMOs attracted a large amount of media attention, but people are divided into two groups some people think that the GMOs Very good for agriculture and has many benefits like speeding up resources and changing the traits of any organism into another one. But on the other hand, some people think that the GMOS are very bad for the environment and spread many diseases through the DNA of the fruits that has been modified. (Suzie Key) In this essay I will explain how the GMOs help in solving many problems and  the advantage of it and on the other hand I will discuss the disadvantages of the GMOS regarding the environment due to the plants.            On the positive side of GMOs, they have a ton of advantages which can help many people and solving many problems. First of all, the GMOs crops can provide people many health benefits “the GMOs can be modified to provide people a complete nutrition profile” because many vitamins and minerals can be built into the crops as they grown up so for example if someone has a lack in vitamins; by injection scientist can add many vitamins in the DNA of the crop they want, so for the people who had lack in vitamins they could buy it and get heal. Secondly, with the using of GMOs “it takes less land to grow more food” because GMOs plants can be engineered to produce higher yield for the same cropland. In some instances, the crop yields can potentially be doubled when the crops transfer from traditional and normal crops to a GMOs. That will help the countries which has a small landscape for agriculture, to produce more crops which can be enough for all of the residents of the town. Moreover, the GMOs crops use less water than the normal crops, from 1980 to 2011 the amount of irrigation water required for fields planted with corn “decreases by 75 percent, and for the soybean, rice and potatoes all saw decreases of at least 38 percent and even wheat fields saw a decrease 12 percent”. Finally, GMOs foods must meet the same standards as traditional foods, in the United States the GMOs food must be healthy and with the same quality of the normal tradition food so the people stay in safe without any danger to their bodies. (24 Advantages and Disadvantages of GMOs) 

       On the hand GMOs have also some
disadvantages which may affect us badly. First, some new diseases will occur, GMOs
modified using viruses and bacteria and due to the bacteria maybe new diseases
will spread wildly and it will affect our health as a user of GMOs. (Connectusfundadmin) Also, genetically
modified crops can cause a threat to the environment due to the fact that they
are not a natural way to plant and cultivate plants. Besides that, “it causes
unwanted residual effects.” Some chemicals inside GMOs can spread out through the
soil and these chemicals may mess up other crops or pollute the soil affected,
moreover GMOs create super weeds because having many bacteria in the soil may
cause weeds to grow because it activates other organisms and causes their
growth to extra ordinary.

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