Teaching why? Because being a teacher does

Teaching is highly demanding profession. It is complex
to find a common language with the different student. While working process,
they should be accurate not to reprimand the person.

It is often said that, not everyone can be a teacher.
Do you know why? Because being a teacher does not mean only to put marks with a
red pen and giving home tasks. It means the hardest way of reaching the success
and having results with the help of students. It is long term goal like the
marathon and in this way the reflection of you hardest work will be just the
knowledge of the students that you will be able to give them.

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From time to time it is difficult to keep under
control the whole class or group as every student has their own characters,
interests, behavior, outlook and even mood. Imagine, in one group there are 10
students but teacher is only one. A teacher attempts to do her or his best in
order to find an individual way for every person in a group. As I mentioned
above, there are different students and what if some student do not want to
obey the rules? There will be conflict between teacher and student. In such
cases a teacher should try to avoid the conflict and teacher should explain
where and how student is wrong. If it is done in a correct way, a student
admits to being in the wrong.

In my opinion, when the conflict between a teacher and
a student come about, a teacher should put the first step to come to compromise
and minimize the problematic situation. Teacher ought to reprimand the action
and give advises but reprimand the person is incorrect. In Russia there are
many cases when a teacher reprimand the student and this very action influence
on the student`s psyche badly and it leads to suicide. Every bad word which is
addressed to the student beside his or her peers and friend can be humiliation
for adults. Even if the teacher does not meant to humiliate for this reason
every year the suicide among the youth is increasing just because of
reprimanding the person.

Taking everything into consideration, one thing is
clear that the real experienced teacher never reprimands the person; vice versa
she or he supports the students and shows the right way. 

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