Humans (MWTs), are small in size and

Humans are using a variety of renewable sources of energy
for a long time. But, the power generation using these sources is done on a large
scale and the devices used for this purpose are huge in size. They are not
available for small power generation. Today, the use of portable devices has
increased to a large extent and have become an inseparable part of daily life.
They work on electricity and must be charged whenever they run out of charging.
Considering their daily use, they need charging every now and then as their
power source i.e. batteries have low capacity. Wind is an unlimited source of
energy and is one of the solutions to this problem. The micro wind turbines
(MWTs), are small in size and generates a small amount of energy. This paper
works toward making the MWTs portable. These turbines are made convenient to
carry using folding mechanisms to charge the devices. The side arms and stand
are made compact using a telescopic and tripod stand folding mechanism
respectively. The designed turbines generate an electrical output of 11.85 watts
when the wind is blowing at a velocity of 5 m/s, which increases with increase
in wind velocity. The whole wind turbine converts into three different parts of
0.5 meters length each for transportation and are easy to install. They are
capable of charging two small portable devices at a time. This eliminates the
need for an unlimited source of power to charge the devices irrespective of the
time and place.


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is input to drive and improve the life of human beings. The consumption of
energy is directly proportional to the progress of humanity in various forms. Nowadays,
many people are using portable electronic devices which are accessible
and technologically advanced; hence humans have
become addicted to them. They all need the energy to run. With our increasing dependency on technology and portable
devices, it is impossible to keep charging these devices.

Batteries are the primary
power source of these devices; their capacity is one of the limiting factors.
They depend on electrical outlets to power them. Most
electrical outlets are stationary, which reduce their availability and flexibility
while charging. 9

Wind turbines (WTs)
are a clean and unlimited source of energy. However, most of the innovations in
wind energy have been intended to produce power on a large scale. Those devices
are enormous and are not useful in charging portable devices. One step closer
to the wind energy leads to the use of micro wind turbines(MWTs) to charge
these devices using the unlimited power of the wind. 2

charge portable devices, these WTs should become portable otherwise it is
difficult to carry them. This paper intends to research on a folding mechanism
for WTs to make them easy to carry and to provide a clean and unlimited source
of power for different portable devices. Chapter three describes the process of
selecting the type of turbines, blades and folding mechanisms for the proposed
wind turbines. Results and calculations are discussed in the later part of the


The objective of this research is to make use of wind
turbines as a never-ending source of energy to charge portable devices. To achieve this goal,
folding mechanisms are selected to make it portable to carry and powerful
enough to charge the devices.

first step is to become familiar with different types of wind turbines, blades
and then select the best. The primary focus is on the folding mechanism. This
research paper considers the existing folding mechanisms, to make the wind
turbine portable.

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