In disease were caused by spiritual beings.

In Ancient Egypt, Imphotep who was physician to King
Zozer in about 2600 BC lived. Imphotep was worshipped as a god of healing which
led him to be treated so significantly, even after his death his presence was
legendary. The findings of papyrus scripts are essentially where most of our
intelligence of Ancient Egyptian medical knowledge comes from. Disregarding the
age of these documents many of them has been very well retained in behalf of
the very dry skies in Egypt. A great deal of papyrus documents has come from
the age of 1500 BC to 1900 BC. These scripts were the reasons that caused us to
believe the Ancient Egyptians trusted that the supernatural caused some


When no evident cause of sickness was seen, Ancient
Egyptian priest and doctors believed that disease were caused by spiritual beings.
They used magical potions and spells to ex out spirits when no one could
interpret why someone had a disease. They also had a god to frighten off evil
spirits. The use of these remedies came from a lack of knowledge, however, they
had grown knowledge with the outcome of education.

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Hippocrates had such an impact on medical history that
his name is especially linked with medicine today. Many freshly qualified doctors
review Hippocrates as the father of medicine even though his work was done hundreds
of years ago. They take what is called the ‘Hippocratic Oath’. Hippocrates, was
the most famous of the Greek doctors which started the observation of ill human
beings and looking at the concern of public health. By Hippocrates and other
Greek doctors, it was believed that the work done by a priest and the work done
by a doctor should be kept detached from 
one another.

wanted what was observed to be recorded and wanted a more standardized course of
observation. The beliefs of Hippocrates and others were escalated to the
eastern Mediterranean and some others were fond of handwriting what they saw in
accommodation to illnesses. These writings sustained and gave historians an
ample ability to research. Hippocrates and other physicians trusted illnesses
were the result of natural causes versus being of supernatural causes. But many
priests had supposed an illness suchlike epilepsy was precipitated by the gods.

learned most of their knowledge from the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians. A
great sector of Greece had become part of Roman Empire. Romans ideas were
inspired by the Greek but not duplicated. They compared Greek ideas to their
own that would point to progression of the quality of life. Romans believed
that keeping your body healthy, would mean that you are less likely to gain illness.
Believed by Romans, that illnesses were of natural causes and that bad health
could be produced through awful water and sewage.

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