The Crisis, the Vietnam War, the Yom

war underpinned by the ideological differences between the two
superpower states of the United States and the Soviet Union posed a
threat to the lives of mankind. Competition Liberalism and Communism not only affect the two sides, but until endemic to other countries. This
competition does not only happen in the field of ideology, but also in
the fields of military, psychology, industry, defense, technology, and
other fields. Although called a war, but this Cold War never raises conflict between countries that conflict. Called
the Cold War because the United States and the Soviet Union have never
been involved in direct military action, but both sides have nuclear
weapons that can destroy the world. But
the consequences of this war left other countries in conflict such as
the Berlin Blockade, the Korean War, the Suez Crisis, the Berlin Crisis
of 1961, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, the Yom Kippur War,
the Afghan War and the Shooting of Korean Air Flight 007 by the Soviets.
Although some of these conflicts can be reconciled, but there are still conflicting to date. This war is characterized by enormous hostility, tension, showcase advanced weapons, and showcase other abilities.The economic failure that hit the Soviet Union at the time was a challenge for Mikhail Gorbachev. The price of oil that fell drastically led to the influx of the Soviet Union down on a large scale. At the same time Mikhail Gorbachev took steps aimed at raising the Soviet economy back. In
1947, the United States, Britain, and France had a plan called
Marshall, an economic aid program for all countries in Europe willing to
participate. The
purpose of this Marshall Plan is to rebuild the European economic and
democratic system and also limit the influence of communism in Europe. This plan was designed by the United States for its failure to reach a
collective agreement with the Soviet Union to rebuild the German
plan designed by the United States to help all countries on the
Continent of Europe was taken seriously by Joseph Stalin. The plan states that the prosperity of Europe will depend heavily on the German economy, so the United States made the move. Joseph
Stalin argued that economic integration with the West would allow the
countries within the Eastern Bloc to separate from the Soviet Union and
was convinced that the United States wanted to buy Europe in favor of
the United States. Therefore, Joseph Stalin forbade the countries within the Eastern Bloc to accept Marshall’s assistance. The Soviet-owned plan to counter Marshall’s plan is to form Renaca Molotov.Moscow spends about 25% of the Soviet Union’s Gross National Product to build and strengthen its military. The Soviet Union sacrificed consumer goods and investment in the civil sector. The
expenditures of the Soviet Union for arms race and competition in the
Cold War were further exacerbated by structural problems in the Soviet
Union’s economic system. The investments made by the Soviet Union in the defense sector were
not driven by military interests, but largely to support the interests
of major parties and state bureaucracies dependent on the military
sector to support power and privilege.In the early 1980s, the Soviet Union built up arms and military forces beyond the United States. After the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, President Carter embarked on a massive US military development. This effort was intensified by the Reagan government, which increased
military spending from 5.3% of the total GNP in 1981 to 6.5% in 1986,
the number being the largest military budget in the history of the
United States.After
the construction of the Reagan military was completed, the Soviet Union
did not take it seriously because the Soviet Union had spent enormous
funds on military budgets. The
magnitude of the military budget spent by the Soviet Union led to
inefficient development in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors
that ultimately burdened the Soviet economy.

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