Globally every year, tonnes and tonnes of food worth approximately
$400 billion while still consumable, are thrown away into the garbage by developed
economies of the world. (Melikoglu, Lin, Webb, 2013) Every time food is wasted,
government expenditures for resources to make food and landfill waste processes
keep rising.


Not only this is an economic problem, in addition to
all the emissions required to produce the uneaten food, including emissions
from soil, livestock and energy supplied to run farm and food industries, more
than 95% of food waste ends up at landfill sites emitting methane at
decomposition, carbon dioxide and other poisonous greenhouse gases due to anaerobic
digestion and leachate production causing severe environmental problem. These problems
are expected to grow worse in the future with the speculation by 2030, the total
cost of food wastage could increase to as high as $600 billion or more with the
associated emissions grow even faster. 

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