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In the 1980, there was a little town in the center of two huge villages, named the leaf village. In some case, individuals utilized to call it the Ghost village since there were so many rumors about the ghosts. A few individuals utilized to believe that the ghosts live in their house with them. There were also some great ghosts and awful ghosts. The good ghost helped individuals and the terrible ghost messed with their work and put them in inconvenience.There was a 16 years old youngster, whose name was Mark Anderson, grew up in a town, but because of his father’s financial issues, they moved to the leaf village recently. Their house was beautiful and pretty big, Mark lived with his guardians, he didn’t have any siblings or any relatives in that village. One day, Mark woke in middle of the night, screaming in torment, and with high fever. He didn’t know what to do so he woke his parents up, and his parents took him to the emergency. The specialist said that it’s nothing to be concerned about, it’s just because of the lack of sleep and endorsed some drugs. Then, they went home at 6:00 am and his parents told him to go bed and sleep for at least 8 hours. He slept for 8 hours and he woke up at 2:00 pm, he felt a little better. But the very next day, his fever was back again, felt the same and couldn’t get up from his bed because of torment. His parents told everything to their next door neighbors about his condition that has been going on, since they came to this village. Their neighbors came to see him that night and they assumed that it’s the ghost that might be the reason, he is in this terrible situation. However, his parents didn’t believe them because they believed that ghost don’t exist in this world. His parents didn’t take him to the hospital because of the lack of money, so they waited three more days and saw if his situation got any worse. Luckily, after two days Mark was absolutely fine, so his parents decided to send him to highschool.Mark started to go to his new high school in that village which was very different from his previous school. He was in 11th grade. He didn’t like to go to school but he still had to go because of his parents. He was a sluggish kid and didn’t like to do his homework or studies. All he utilized to do was play video games and watch T.V. After a month of high School, his teacher gave them a venture where he had to sit with two individuals he never talked to. Mark was very nervous since he knew wasn’t smart enough and his partners would judge him or make fun of him. He went and sat near a boy, whose had blue eyes and blonde hair, and his name was Carl. Then, after sometimes Carl’s friend, Ron joins them. They all introduce themselves to each other and then they start working on the venture. They partitioned their work into 3 segments and each had to do their portion proficiently. Carl and Ron wraps up their work but Mark was struggling and was a bit frightened. Carl and Ron notices that Mark was having some challenges wrapping up his portion so they choose to help him. Since that day, Mark started to stay and hangout with them because they were truly decent and loyal to him. His friends were average students, they were smart but not so smart. Mark never utilized to do his homework which had a very terrible effect his grades. When he got his first progress report card, he was very upset and his parents were very disappointed as well, with his grades. Mark knew why his grades were awful, because he never did his homework. He started to think around doing his homework a lot more. But he was still too sluggish to do them. Next day, when he woke up for school, he saw his homework was complete, and was set in his study table. He was very astounded when he saw it. He thought maybe his dad did it for him after seeing his destitute grades. He went to his father and said, “Thank you dad.” His dad was befuddled and asked him “Why are you thanking me for?” Mark said, “for doing my homework.” Dad said, “are you feeling alright? What are you even talking about son? Mark was confused and said, “never intellect dad”. He then ran to his mom and asked her “did you do my homework?” Mom said, “no i didn’t”. Then, he said in a low voice, “oh OK” He went to school and the teacher collected everyone’s homework. Mark’s friends were flabbergasted to see him submitting his homework for the first time. In spite of the fact that mark was bit concerned because he didn’t know whether the answers were correct or wrong. After a few minutes the teacher was done checking the homework and passed them back to the students. Mark got 100% on his homework and his friends got 90%, his friends were surprised and went to Mark and asked him, “how did you get 100% and what made you do his homework that also for the first time. Mark answered, “I don’t have time to do any homework, I have no idea who did it for me, when i woke up this morning I found it in my study table.” His friends started laughing at him, they thought he was clowning. Mark knew no one would believe him so he didn’t give any further clarification and remained silent. Mark thought it might be a coincident so he didn’t think about it much. However, the very next day when he woke up to go to school, same thing happened, he found his homework in his study table. Then, he thought that the rumors about the ghost might be genuine. So he thought that there must be a ghost that is in his room, helping him. He then, talked to his parents about the ghost, his parents didn’t believe him first since they didn’t believe in ghosts, but then as Mark told them about his homework, they started to believe him and said, “what our neighbors told us about the ghosts is genuine after all.” Then, that night they made a plan to find out how the ghost does the homework. They decided to put a camera in Mark’s room and then, they all went to bed to sleep. When then they woke up, they checked the video clips and what they saw was that Mark was getting up in the middle of night and doing his homework with his eyes closed. They were so frightened, they thought that it’s the ghost that makes him do his homework. Right after a minute, Mark’s dad got a call from Mark’s specialist and the specialist said that Mark has sleepwalked issues and then, ¬†Mark’s father tells the specialist about how Mark does his homework with his eyes closed at night. The specialist said that it could have happened because he was thinking too much about homework. Mark’s dad said alright. After that, they all were thankful that it wasn’t a ghost. They realized that the rumors about the ghost were fake.

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