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In my small loving family, the best holiday is Christmas. Once out of the year, on a beautiful winter day, my family enjoy ourselves by cooking most of our delicious smelling and tasting winter foods, eating together on the floor of the living room; while watching “The Three Stooges” on the DVD player. We would also, play the Xbox or Playstation games, but if we really wanted to be competitive we would enjoy playing board games such as monopoly. During our family game night my brother would always love to fiddle with the game controller, while we would be playing. Sometimes I would feel as though Christmas was made for the purpose of my little family to spend more time with each other.On christmas it would only be my mother, grandmother, older sister,  little brother and me. Its one of the most blessed days we have so that we enjoy each other’s company without worrying about due dates for school or work. Its also a day where you can put sibling rivalries away. For my little family of five, we would prepare an extremely extravagant breakfast together. The bacon or sausages would be sizzling on the stove. My sister, would be creating her famous eggs and cheese. My mother making scolit potatoes or hash browns while mixing cream of wheat together for my little brother. Lastly i would be getting plates and putting on cresents or biscuits in the three hundred and fifty heated oven. After cooking breakfast we would all gather around on the floor, so that we could laugh and eat as a family rather being separated; by eating in our own rooms. Usually my mom would set a nice comfy, thick and warm blanket on the floor but before we actually start devouring our food , she would also put a towel down because we make messes like we’re five years old. Together we would eat and fuss over who would get the last piece of breakfast meat. During this time, my family we always cause confusion because we wouldn’t know which “Three Stooges” cd or episode that we could all agree on.Lastly, Christmas is the perfect day to have a family night full of love, fun, and family bonding. For instances my family like playing the Xbox, Playstation, board or card games such as Forza, Looney tunes, monopoly or Uno. for this activity the whole family can join in. for example my little brother always likes to fiddle with the game controller while his siblings or mother plays it. In my opinion Christmas is the best holiday because it’s made for families that want to become closer to each other and enjoy themselves . they also give presents to one another as a form of love and family bonding. .         

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