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There Will Be Blood (The American Dream) 
This subject has developed a theory around greed and the American Dream. The American dream can be defined as an idea that every American should have equally had a chance to achieve success and wealth by working hard and showing initiative and determination. The movie’s slanted definition of this leads to Daniel Plainview literally putting in the blood, sweat and broken bones to reach this level of success. 

The film shows a particular version of what it’s like for one man and the way he reached his dreams, even though he had to harm one or two of individuals to try and do it. within the starting of the film, Daniel is in an exceedingly mine, while not element and smartly chiseling away. once he discovers an oversized piece of silver, he climbs out of the opening rigging the positioning with dynamite. once making an attempt to tug the piece and his tools up the shaft, the dynamite explodes forcing him to break down all of the dust. once ascension all the way down to retrieve his prize, he falls badly. 

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Despite his knowledge of the danger he still proceeds to mine and this is just one example of his determination and dedication, but also perhaps greed. One of Daniels quotes, “What’s this? Why don’t I own this? Why don’t I own this?” That is what Daniel doesn’t own. One single section of land within a larger section of land he had made deals with. But Bandy won’t sell. And he never will. This means Daniel cannot access the oil beneath that land. Eventually, the movie shows that Daniel doesn’t take no for an answer and Brady will ultimately pay for his decision. 

Throughout the film we get to know and understand Daniel a little more, from his past and why he is the way he becomes more apparent. Plainview is not some upper-class banker who makes millions by investing in the hard work of others and skimming everything off the top before double-dealing from the bottom of the deck. He is capable of the hard work required to pump oil from beneath the surface. He put in the hours, he paid with blood, sweat and broken bones he set himself and he made himself into a wealthy man. When he introduces himself to the people he says, “…ladies and gentlemen, if I say I’m an oil man, you will agree.” This is Daniel’s standard, introduction to the people living where he plans to drill and this is directed toward just one thing: establishing himself as a unique individual on the landscape of America, the oilman. Oil has not yet replaced cotton as king of the American exporting business, but by this time people are already beginning to see the potential and the oilman is already on its way to become mythic of American legends like the ranchers and cowboys that the prospectors and wildcatters are displacing.  

Daniel Plainview acknowledges the ability to make this story and presents a persona that exceeds each expectation. finally the most a part of the story the film challenges the viewer to determine the bigger evil of America’s company identity, the greed and market economy, or the sinister veil of Protestantism. The damaging world conflicts throughout the Twentieth Century, the loss of blood through battle, the majority of them were the results of spiritual distinction or a thirst for wealth and power. This quote is from Eil Sunday he says, “We have a sinner with us here who wishes for salvation. Daniel, are you a sinner?” There will be Blood pits capitalism against Christianity in a battle to become the one true religion in America. Of course, the title indicates this battle will result in bloodshed, but the result reveals a surprise ending to the war. 

Peace will be made between the seemingly irreconcilable philosophies of capitalism and Christianity and create a new form of the religion embraced by the faithful despite directly contradicting the teaching the savior toward whom all that faith is entrusted. This assertion and warning from Eli (religion) to Daniel (capitalism) representatively plays out the commencement point of that unlikely integration. So to conclude, Daniel never seems particularly happy or in a dreamlike state. Throughout the movie, Daniel is shown to be working to become wealthy and successful. His success in this is left to the viewer. Unfortunately, violence appears to be very much a part of Daniel Plainview’s world, living and breeding within him and poisoning his soul. The title promises that as part of the birth of the American love affair with success.

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