Stryker Corporation are a medical technology company

Corporation are a medical technology company headquartered in Michigan,
USA.  The company was founded in 1946 and
has approximately 33,000 employees worldwide. Revenue generated in 2016 was
over $9.02 bn.  Products delivered are
from a range of medical specialities and the company divides its business into
3 main areas – Orthopaedics, Medical & Surgical (MedSurg) and
Neurotechnology and Spine. There are 3 manufacturing sites in Ireland.  The product selected for review in this
assignment is the STAR™ Ankle
orthopaedic total
ankle replacement which is manufactured in Switzerland. This product is the
only PMA approved mobile bearing total ankle that is approved for uncemented
use in the U.S. Uncemented joints strengthen more over time and are likely to
last longer than cemented joints (Daniels et al., 2015).






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Total Ankle Replacement is carried out in patients that
suffer pain and reduced function from arthritis. It is considered as a last
resort after medication, physical therapy, bracing, splints, or modification of
daily activities. Those with rheumatoid arthritis are the most common candidates
for the Total Ankle Arthroplasty. Other patients would include those that
require, but don’t wish to proceed with, ankle arthrodesis. These fusion-type
procedures significantly reduce any motion in the joint as opposed to Total
Ankle Replacements (Saltzman et al., 2009).


Description of the
surgical procedure:

The operative technique is carried out under
general anaesthetic or by nerve block. A tourniquet is used to control bleeding
during the surgery. The ankle includes the tibia, fibula and talus bones. Depending
on the type of implant required the ankle can be approached from either the
front or the side of the ankle. The bone is cut and the metal and plastic
components that replace the joint are put in place. This is a non-cemented
implant. If the patient has a tight calf muscle or Achilles tendon this may
need to be lengthened to improve range of motion of the ankle. Closure is
carried out with stitches or staple. A splint is applied and a cast or cast
boot may be used to assist healing.  (Stryker Trauma & Extremities, 2018)


How the
device functions in the body:

The Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STARTM)
acts as a replacement for the ankle joint. It improves motion in the joint, so
the patient suffers less pain during activity (Daniels et al., 2015). 

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