As peers. In the article “Read- only

we look at technology and how fast it is changing daily we ask ourselves on how
will it benefit online class usage. We look at how schools are involving online
classes through communication and a new way of learning through discussion
groups and its interactions with instructors and peers. In the article “Read-
only participants: a case for student communication in online classes” explains
on how communication through online discussion groups on how many postings,
feedback and participation they are providing on a daily, weekly basis. With
online classes rising we have different demographics, age groups, individuals
living in different states and students who are not familiar with technology in
which we have a wide range of diversity and learning styles. As we look at the
article we find that the main point is observing online usage through
interaction and communication in a classroom setting.

There are different types of students but
as stated through online classes participation from the students and
instructors that there may be a low percentage of students passing the course. But
as we can see that for any student to successfully pass an online class the
student needs to be able to contribute in the class discussion as much as
possible and give better quality interaction. When we have students that are
involved with the instructor who participates as a guide, by providing
extensive critique, feedback and encouragement (Collison et al., 2000). Through
good communication instructors can teach the students on how to communicate,
problem solve and be able to have conversations with their peers and start a dialogue
that gets them involved and brings out their learning and understanding about
the topic. The research was done in a eight week elective course that was
online at the University of Pretoria. These students were a diverse group ages
ranging from 30 to nearly 50 years old. Students were graded on discussion
which was 10% and 90% was through research postings, web artifacts, peer review
and collaborative assessment (Nagel et al.). The primary was the participation and
communication these students had to successfully complete the course. With
involvement of the instructors they are encouraging the students a better
learning environment in which gets the students motivated to learn and participate
in weekly discussions and not to give up and finish to the end. The students
that participate in class have a greater success rate.

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