I people. It’s ridiculous that United States

I believe there are many pro’s and con’s when it
comes to should the United States adopt a National Insurance Program. In my opinion
when it comes to equality and health care, something that we do not have in the
United States now. The only way we can ­create equality would be if the government
financed health care and the services that come with health care are under an isolated
control.  But I don’t think that we
should, it just seems like it wouldn’t be fair or with for the American people.

            It’s ridiculous that United States
has more means and money than a lot of other counties yet millions of Americans
still don’t have healthcare. Even people that do have it more than likely have
limited coverage, like myself. It’s just way too expensive to have everything,
and the government knows that. My cousin just had twins, she told me for every
doctors visit she has to pay at least $40 a visit and that’s not counting the
actual bill that is her copay. The cost of healthcare for an average American
is too high, especially when you have children and if you are married.

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            That is why the United States should
come up with their own system because then it would drastically reduce the cost
of healthcare in the United States, and all citizens would then have preventive
and primary care. Which is something that a lot of Americans don’t have, they
only make emergency room visits, and not even that often because of how costly
it is. The University of Arkansas Medical Science (UAMS) just made an
announcement that they were in millions of dollars in debt, so much debt that
they let go of more than 300 people, discontinued some jobs and shortened
others time. Due to their debt they had to downsize and permanently discontinue
a lot of jobs.  

Since uninsured Americans don’t have access to
preventive care and early prevention services, they repeatedly go without care
until easily treatable conditions become so intolerable that they are forced to
be medical emergencies. The ER then becoming their primary care, instead of
what it is intended for, emergencies.  Millions of Americans doing this costs the
hospitals outrageous amounts of money and requires large amounts of billing and
inefficient paperwork to get paid eventually for the services. The enlarged
prices of serving uninsured Americans are absorbed by providers as free care, causing
working Americans higher health insurance premiums and paid by taxpayers.

            The United States adopting a
National Healthcare provider has one main con, that is that by adopting one provider
it takes away the business part of healthcare. By doing this it pretty much
gives the government control of your rights as an American, it completely takes
way the self-reliance, and individual responsibility that Americans have when
it comes to their money and how they want it to be spent, with who and even

 Switching to
this will only mean that Americans would have less benefits and higher costs.

Which to me is enough to say no, because healthcare is already high enough, if
it gets any higher it will become a slim to none window of low and middle
classes. There will be no in-between because your basic life necessities will
cause you to become poorer because of the price, especially if you have a

So my answer is no, I can see the pro’s and con’s of
having the United States adopt a National Health Program, but I can also see
the American Dream go down the drain with this as well. We as Americans work
hard for what we have, there are so many family success stories, that is what
makes America great. The struggle, I remember my grandmother telling me that
the only job she could have growing up was to clean up people’s houses. She didn’t
have an opinion and people talked to her any kind of way because of her
profession. She then moved away and went to college, she told me plenty of
nights she didn’t have enough money to eat so she ate a spoon full of peanut butter
and that was dinner. The struggle is what made her become who she is today, she
has always told me to get that piece of paper (education) because that is
something that no one can take from. That can open doors that would usually be
closed in your face, she worked very hard so that my family and­­­ I can live
the life that I do today.  The United
Sates adopting a National Health Care program would stop the divide, the
luxuries of some health care, it would force us all to become 1 when it comes
to health care. I do believe everyone deserves health care, but it should be a
choice not forced upon people who don’t want it.


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