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7. Physicians/Medical FacilitiesAccess to healthcare is one of the key areas where India needs to improve. This problem stems from the various layers in society such as economic inequality, gender inequality, geographical location, etc. Healthcare expenses are taking a major portion of the low income, due to this people  are being pushed into poverty. Around 39 million Indians are in poverty because of healthcare expenses. There is a perception and element of truth that the public health system is  a lower quality service, and this view is shared even with low income families. In general, access to physicians and medical facilities can only be accessed by people in urban areas due to their location. People in rural areas make up most of the unhealthy population because they don’t have access to healthcare facilities. India faces a shortage of doctors/specialist which means that less people can get healthcare. If there were more doctors there would be a better chance of there being a local doctor or healthcare facility near rural areas. In India healthcare is provided through the government and through private providers. Private healthcare is either “for profit” , or run by a non profit providers like faith based organizations. Private providers are more efficient and give better healthcare when compared to the public sector. The public sector is slow, and is known to lack hospitality towards patients.Around 67% of the Indian population lives in rural areas according to worldbank.org. Since, the ruralites must travel at least 100 km and in addition they had to pay 70% to 80% out of pocket healthcare facilities are highly inaccessible for majority of the Indian population who live in rural areas. This translates into higher morbidity and mortality rates for cancer and cardiovascular diseases in India.Hence, in my opinion there is a connection between the nation’s rates for cancer and cardiovascular health and access to physicians and medical facilities.

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