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Social networking site is an online platform that allows users to create a
public profile and interact with other users on the website. This website is
designed to help people communicate and share information, photographs etc.., Socializing
via mobile devices is growing all the time, allowing users to continue their
experience away from home, school or office. The GPS feature in smartphones adds
the twist of knowing where friends are at any given moment. Social networking sites not
only allow users to mingle with different people, it also helps to spread
social awareness and important information in a faster and simpler way. People
can search for long lost friends or family members and can get back in touch
with them through this site. Registered user can create their profile
which will contain their details such as personal, educational, interests
etc. Once registered can send friend requests to other users of the site
and add them to friends list, similarly can accept friend requests sent by
other peers 

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Users can send mails and
messages online to friends in profile list which may include multimedia
messages as well. Users will have an inbox and outbox containing received
and sent messages Users can upload photos and videos and create an album
of their own which their friends would be able to see and comment upon Users
can set privacy settings for their profile Users can begin or join any
communities they are interested in, can post messages in these communities as



Scope of this project is that we can add a
features of user based communities and live chat server for online user.

1.     Online
chat server

2.     User

3.     Privacy
of user information

4.     Games
and other application

5.     Share
the information on network

To have an attractive and secure login
page to access.

Make new user account in more user
friendly and proper validation of details.

Search friends easily on entire network.

Creating a public profile having social, professional
and personal information.

Upload and share photos, videos on

Send messages to other friends in terms of

The main purpose of this project is to
build an application program to     reduce
the manual work for managing posts.

This application program tracks all the
details of shares, videos.

This system provides users to register
their various types of profile like social, personal, general, professional.

This system provides users to send a scrap
message, images, and data files to their friends.

User can maintain the scrap book whatever
scraps he has send to users.

The system provides user to upload the
photos so that user can maintain own album.

This system provides user to join the
communities according to their scenario.

This system provides the user to maintain
their friend list and user can update their friend list.

This system provides user to send
invitation to another friend and can add to their friend list for future.

This page is to keep eye on user

Easy password recovering.



Account Creation:-

When a user accesses the site for the
first time, he/she must create an account before using any of the site

The account creation process is broken into
three times.

The first section deals with the login
page and is required for the user to fill out.

This includes the email, password, and
password confirmation.

The second section deals with information
about who you are such as name, location, and gender. Most of these fields are
optional except for your name and gender.

third section deals with information about
the users likes and dislikes, such as interests and activities.

Unlike the other two sections, this
section is completely optional.

Privacy Options:-

Privacy is very important feature for some
people, and social networking is no exception to this.

Our system provides three levels of
privacy: open, friends only, and closed.


One of the advantages of having friends is
the ability to have live communications with them via chat.

When a friend is online, he/she will
appear in the chat tab as an available friend to chat with.

To start a chat session, simply click on
the name of the friend which will begin a new chat session. The little bar at
the bottom will change from chat disabled to chatting with friend name as seen
in the figure below.

Also, the friend receiving the chat will
get a notification that a new chat session has started.

Then the two friends can chat with each
other until one or both log out.



Unlike with chatting, users can send a
message to any other user.

For user A to send a message to user B,
he/she simply goes to the message center tab and clicks compose message.

He then fills out the form as shown in the
figure below with the email of the recipient, the message title, and the
message content.

new message will then be in User B’s inbox in the message center.

Media Uploading:-

As people use their social networking
account, they will want to be able to upload funny or interesting images,
video, music, etc., to share with their friends.

The media upload section will be located
at the media tab, where users are able to specify a file to upload as well as
provide a short description of the file to be uploaded.

In order to prevent users from uploading
potentially malicious files such as executables, only certain file extensions
are supported.

These allowed extensions cover popular
image extensions such as png, jpg, gif, and bitmap, video extensions wmv and
avi, audio extensions mp3, wma,

and wav, and some document files including txt, rtf,
doc, and pdf.

Wall Posting:-

The wall is a place where the account
owner can express his current feeling or thoughts with a wall status.

Other users can add their thoughts by creating wall
posts that show up.






Basic Requirements:

access of confidential data by user name and password.

application is secure for every kind of its users, because if any user logout
from any session then nobody will be able to access his profile without knowing
his confidential password.

X 7 availability

component design to get better performance at peak time.

database used here is robust, reliable & fast. So users will have to wait
for the output very short time.

application can be accessed from any type of platform.

is no case of redundancy in the database so it will not take extra memory space.

& password are sent to the users via email after registration.

recovery system is also provided in case of forgetting the password




























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