In done. Believability is of vital importance,

In that case, a shock value makes people
remember the brand better and, hence, a possible long term loyalty. 

The product is important, of course, it may
fulfill a need, want or a desire. Quality is quintessential and, hence,
nowadays it is understood the product is of highest quality. So what next? The
advertisement is important as a good product could see an early exit if the
advertisement is handled badly, and otherwise, a mediocre product which is
tastefully handled goes a long way. Lastly, the celebrity in the advertisement,
recall, trust, familiarity are some of the reasons that they are used. Now
consider the interactions of these individual factors. The best of superstars
can be doing the advertisement but if the product is far from the image the
star has, the whole advertisement is a waste. Imagine an Amitabh doing an
advertisement for ad for youth apparel. Well, exceptions can be there but then
again it depends on the way it is done. Believability is of vital importance,
the TVS Victor advertisement shows us the bike being compared to the bat of
Sachin and the strokes he plays. The relationship between a product and its
advertisement again can be either dependant or none. 

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It is important is to study the
relationship between these factors and how they together act for or against the

The celebrity endorsing it  


The Product

The model above shows the various factors
that affect a celebrity endorsed brand while viewed by a consumer in the media
(both TV and print). The central idea being the impact on brand. The three
major parts to a brand being shown are: –

Factors Impacting a Brand while being
viewed by a Consumer in Media 

Multiple Celebrity Endorsement (Adidas
& Hyundai Santro)

Also, the use of multiple celebrities to
endorse a brand may hinder the meaning transfer process, and thus, lead to
confusion among the consumers.  

Brand Endorsement (Shah Rukh Khan,Virat Kholi,Dhoni) 

In the advertising world, we find either a
celebrity endorsing a series of brands or multiple celebrities being used to
endorse a single brand. Sachin Tendulkar, for example, in 2002 endorsed 12
brands (including Pepsi, Boost, Colgate Total, Gillette, Britannia Tiger, Fiat
Palio, TVS Victor, Fiat Sienna, MRF, Adidas, Visa Cards and Home Trade). Tripp
et al, says that the endorsement of as many as four products negatively
influences the celebrity spokesperson’s credibility and likeability in the advertisement
world and again brings back the question that the celebrities are money oriented
when they select rand or products.  

 Multiple Brand Endorsement vs. Multiple
Celebrity Endorsement 

Celebrity endorsement is a very expensive
means of brand promotion considering the wages todays stars take and the price
burden has been continuously  always
shifted on to the consumers; if not, then it narrows the companies’ profit and
will affect the profitability.

Return on investment (ROI) is the most
important issue for companies. Cost-benefit analysis prior to endorsement need
to be performed by company. The process of measuring the effectiveness of ads
or marketing on the overall brand is not at all easy but a very difficult study.
The main motive in the long run are future sales, revenues and profit from the
present investments that they have made on celebrity endorsement.

vs. Profit

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