Based patterns across a range of technologies

Based on the principles of conditioning, once a cell-phone user experiences feelings of happiness and/or enjoyment from a selectedactivity (e.g., a funny, six-second vascular plant video sent by a friend), the person is additional seemingly to interact thereinexplicit activity once more (positive reinforcement). the employment of a selected cell-phone activity might also operate below the principle of negative reinforcement (reducing or removing associate degree dislike stimulus). feigning to require a decision, send a text, or check one’s phone to avoid a clumsy social scenario, as an example, may be a common negative reinforcing behavior practiced by cell-phone users. Any activity that’s rewarded will become addictive (Alavi et al., 2012; Griffiths, 1999, 2000; Grover et al., 2011; Roberts & Pirog, 2012). The rewards encourage higher involvement with and longer spent within the explicit behavior (Grover et al., 2011).Past analysis on gender and technology use suggests that variations could exist in however males and females use their cell-phones (Billieux, van der Linden & Rochat, 2008; Hakoama & Hakoyama, 2011; Haverila, 2011; snowbird, Merson & Salter, 2010; Leung, 2008). supported his study of gender patterns in cell-phone use, Geser (2006) concludes that, “the motivations and goals of telephone usage mirror rather standard gender roles”. in keeping with Geser (2006), men see a additional instrumental use for cellphones whereas girls utilize the cell-phone as a social tool. Seen with land-line phones in addition, this use pattern among male and feminine phone users represents one amongst the foremost strong analysis findings so far in terms of understanding however totally different motives generate distinctive use patterns across a range of technologies (e.g., the Internet). snowbird et al. (2010) found that feminine school students sent additional texts and talked longer on their cell-phones that their male counterparts.

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