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In Fahrenheit 451 some of the main themes is Censorship, Life/Death, & Ignorance/Knowledge. The main character, Guy Montag lives in a world where owning books of any kind is illegal. If books are found in someone’s possession they are burned by fireman and the owner is arrested. If the owner refuses to abandon the books, he/she will be burned along with them. Books contain knowledge, so therefore the contents of the book are being censored from the public. Members of this society focus solely on entertainment and running through life at a fast pace. At the beginning of the novel Montag seems to be pleased with his life and job as a fireman. Until he encounters a young girl named Clarrise McClellan, who questions his happiness and opens his eyes up to the emptiness in his life. As days pass on He begins to experience a series of disturbing events. His wife Mildred attempts suicide by overdose, He responds to a call about an elderly woman who has a hidden stash of books, She shocks him by choosing to burn alongside her books. Days later, he discovers Clarisse has been hit and killed by a car. As these events take place, Montag gets more and more dissatisfied with his life. He then decides to skip work, Which results in his fire chief Captain Beatty showing up at his house. Beatty informs Montag that most fireman go through a phase of wondering what is inside books and what they have to provide. He then later explains why books were banned in the first place. He tells Montag to take 24 hours to read and see if books contain anything worthy, and then turn them in to be burned. Overwhelmed by the idea of reading, He turns to his Wife for some encouragement. But she cannot fathom why he’d want to read books when he knows the consequences better than anyone. Discouraged, he recalls meeting an old English professor named Faber. He seeks him out in hopes that this man may be able to help him understand books. Faber agrees to assist Montag with his reading. Together they conduct a plan to overthrow the existing conditions by reproducing books and planting them in the homes of firemen to harm their reputation and destroy the censorship. Faber gives Montag the “green bullet” (a two way radio earpiece) So that they can communicate in secrecy.

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