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Who is your hero? Whether it’s Terry Fox or Winston Churchill, they all share one key thing, they both have achievements that people appreciate. All people can be a hero by accomplishing heroic acts.Terry Fox ran across Canada to help cancer research, which changed the world. Annually, people run for Terry Fox, and donate money to cancer research foundations. If Terry didn’t run, the world wouldn’t be as close to treating cancer. But, if Terry Fox didn’t have his appointed day, he would still be a hero for what he did. Winston Churchill led the British to defeat the Nazis during World War 1. If Churchill didn’t get the British to win, then Hitler would have taken over.The definition of hero is a person who has done heroic tasks. A heroic task can be anything that people find amazing or important. If a person is to become a hero, they need to fit into the definition and into a person’s idea of a hero. Heroes are made by both action, and thought. A person’s actions and someone’s thoughts aren’t enough to make that person a hero, but if many people think that person is a hero, then that person can become a hero. The hero’s story is important too, and if the story is taken badly, then the hero is taken badly. The way people tell the story can make a lasting influence on people and how they think about a hero.Wake up, shake off the effects of sleep. Make a plan, and focus on the road ahead. Don’t procrastinate during important hours. Take all the notes possible. Be on time. The 1440 minutes in a day aren’t to be given up. This is the idea of a hero. If a person can do this, then most of that person is on their way to becoming a hero. The other part is more difficult to create into a hero. In Mark Frost’s novel Rogue, the protagonist Will West says one of his rules: “Spend your time wisely. For if you can master this one simple and elusive skill, … you will fully and truly be alive.” This relates a lot to heroism, as time is a hero’s greatest ally. If a person can use all 1440 minutes in each day wisely, then they are truly and fully “alive”. If someone is truly and fully alive, then they could be a hero. Many people think they don’t have enough time in a day. However, a day never changes and a plan can be used in a day to make the most out of it. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is another quote from Rogue. Without a plan, a person is bound to fail at doing or becoming something. By planning, someone can avoid a gap, or build a bridge over it. All heroes have failed at least once in their life. But heroes just get out of each gap they fall into. The pressure of failure weighing down on a hero changes the hero’s method. If the hero doesn’t have failure on their shoulders, the hero doesn’t have to care if they have fallen, instead they can treat it as a nuisance that removes a few minutes from their day. If the hero does have failure on their shoulders, then they should plan ahead, so they don’t get pinned down in a hole by failure. Some people believe heroes are rare. Most heroes have many of the same traits. Most heroes are perseverant. A hero’s dream is where most ideas come from. People inspiring others is a type of fuel used by other heroes to drive and press on. And the last trait is selflessness, which means putting others first. If a person has all these traits, then the person is well on their way to becoming one of the next heroes of the generation.

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