As covers of various fashion magazines; still

As they say, this is
the age of the millennials; out with the old tradition and welcome to the new
era. This does not only apply mainly on fashion but also the customs and
traditions of the people. It also concerns with the lifestyle of the entire populace.
During the 90’s and even during the 20k super thin and slender women are
trending, this time chubby and plump women are getting popular as well.

As time change and
culture as well as norms of our society evolved; the use of a plus-sized model
becomes prevalent. Despite their forms are not as competitive as those
traditional skinny and dazzling fashion models you can find on the covers of
various fashion magazines; still their beauty and talents supersede their
skinny women counterparts.

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Take for example,
Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham, aren’t they gorgeous? The likes of them had
really astonished the world of fashion; as a result million of large-sized
females all over the globe are finally surfacing. They learned to love their appearance
as well as their bulks and bulges. As a consequence, a huge unrest of the
fashion world burst out dividing the industry into two: the pro large-sized
women and the haters of the plus-sized models.

This time, I will
not delve into the opinion of those cynical critics; I will just air out my own
opinion with geared towards plus-sized women. For me, they are no different
from any of us. They are beautiful and gorgeous and most of all they are smart.

A majority of the
world’s population has this notion that being overweight is an obstacle to be
happy; thus obese women splurge themselves to strict weight loss diets to make
themselves attractive. What they do not know is that; men find plus-size women
rather beautiful. Not only that; men prefer larger women for a successful and
long-lasting relationship.

Below are rationales
why men are attracted to beautiful fat women, please read on.

1.     Fat women are self-assured

The major asset of
chubby women is their curves or let me say their bulges. They admire their
curves and thus become proud of their bodies. However, what we do not know is
that, these women were the object of criticisms during their childhood. Because
of that, they develop the feeling of independence and inner strength to combat
any challenges in their life with dignity. They are confident and never ashamed
of themselves.

2.     Their sexual drive is unmatched compared to
their anorexic counterpart.

Unlike ordinary
women with an ordinary body built, oversized women are super hot when it comes
to bed, that is why they are a major turn on for men. Men don’t have anything
against slender women, but men really find plus-sized women irresistible.
Perhaps it must be the curves that give added attraction.

3.     They have meaty buttocks that are oozing with
sex appeal

Oh, those irresistible
butts men are ready to die for. It is pretty obvious that large women possess
great butts. According to the experts, the majority of the male species is
drawn to the female’s buttocks. It is the most attractive part of the human
body men could not resist. Based on the study, when plus-sized women wear
tight-fitting pants or leggings, it is as near as impossible if men will not
notice and eventually fall in love with her.

Having read that,
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