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Fear… is a very common theme in this novel. It was very easy to identify, too. Fear worked many ways throughout this book, and that is why it is so important. For example, when Kate realized the “Slaughterhouse Killer” was back, she was fearful that she would have to reveal her secret. Kate thinks, “I can’t stop thinking about the uncanny parallels of this murder with the ones from sixteen years ago.” (Castillo, 22) Another example of how fear was an important theme was when Kate is taken by Sheriff Detrick. He takes her to a place where nobody knows where she is. She is scared and thinks, “… the thought repeals me, but I remind myself I’ve already survived it once. I can survive it again. I want to live.” (Castillo, 301)  Kate is fearful that Detrick will kill her. Also, the whole town is fearful about when the killer will strike next. “Fear of death is a primal response built into all of us to varying degrees.” (Castillo, 39) This quote describes how everyone is scared of who will be killed next. Trust… is another theme that is repeated throughout Sworn to Silence. When Kate realizes that the “Slaughterhouse Killer” is back, she has no one to turn to. When she goes to talk to her family, she realizes she can’t trust them. Her sister threatens to tell the truth about Kate killing the man years earlier. “I’m sorry if this hurts you, Katie. But I felt very strongly that telling the truth was the right thing to do.” (Castillo, 220) Although Kate does not tell her fellow officers about her secret, she does trust them to have her back when she is fired. “”Chief, if it wasn’t for the baby coming I would have walked,” he says…” (Castillo, 243) This quote shows how even though the local politicians did not trust her judgement concerning the murder case, her coworkers did trust her. The last example of how trust was an important theme in the book is when Kate finds out that Sheriff Detrick is the “Slaughthouse KIller’, she trusts Agent Tomasetti with the information. “I close my eyes. “John, listen to me. I think Detrick framed Hershberger. I think he’s going to murder him to shut him up…” (Castillo, 287) Secrets… is another important theme in the novel. Throughout the novel, Kate struggles to keep her secret of the murder that happened sixteen years earlier. “That the Slaughterhouse Killer is back. There are only three people on this earth who know that is impossible, and one of them is me.” (Castillo, 28) This quote represents Kate and her family keeping the secret of the murder. Another example of the theme secrets is Sheriff Detrick. He is hiding the truth, that he is the murderer, by pretending to find other evidence and accusing other people. “He snagged his keys from the workbench and slid into his vehicle… already anticipating his next kill.” (Castillo, 206) This quote shows Detrick heading back to work, after he just murdered another girl. The last example of how secrets is an important theme is when Kate tells Tomasetti the truth about Detrick being the killer. But makes him promise to keep it a secret. “Whatever you do, don’t let Detrick know you’re looking at him…” (Castillo, 288)

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