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“Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given them one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means”. Allah mentioned this in An-Nisa verse 34. The topic of the reading revolves around the author, Angela Epstein, who is a proud male chauvinist and the Quranic verse I’ve slipped in above is a suitable evidence for Epstein’s stand in her opinion. Epstein feels uncomfortable with women doing jobs which are initially predominated by men such as flying planes and delivering babies. From my understanding, I believe that she prefers having men in the lead of certain things which involve her own safety because she knows that every woman has the tendency to react to things in ways she shouldn’t when she’s not in the mood. To put this in perspective, if a woman is driving and quarrelling with someone at the same time, she might miss the oncoming red light and that could lead to an accident. What we can do though, is to put our trust into these women who are handed these responsibilities. Also, quite a number of times in the article, she mentioned how she is not against women who are in the male-predominated workforce.Trust me, I’m the kind of girl who would stand by other women and support her achieving her dreams no matter what they are and say “You go, girl!”, but Epstein has really made me think deeper about ladies and male-predominated professions. I guess women can’t be everything, because I really can’t imagine a female firefighter or a lady fixing my roof but that will not stop me from the sisters who are or will be in those professions. As an example, one time I took a Greyhound bus from San Francisco to San Jose and I had the sweetest female bus driver who made sure everyone felt safe and comfortable. It was a nice experience and I’ve never felt that way in a long bus ride with a male driver. To wrap up, let’s go back to the Quran verse from earlier. Allah has made men physically and emotionally stronger than women, so that is already evidence that women are not meant to do most the jobs that men are required to do. So girls, do whatever you can to the best of your capability but know when to leave it to the men.

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