aircraft) order to expand theentire wing area

aircraft) has the worse ability to reduce the force created from the Left-turning tendencies whichseems to rotate it-self. For the single wing aircraft, the Down-Wing aircraft (the third plane)performed better than the Double-Wing and the Upper-Wing aircraft, it will try to balance it self andtend to reduce the effect of Left-turning tendencies by rowing opposite to the direction due to theturning tendencies experienced by the fan. Not as the single Upper-Wing which slowly rows to thedirection which caused by the fan. That can try to explain that why the most of the fixed-wingaircraft in the world design their wing to be Down-Wing styled since from this experiment we canfind out that the Single Down-Wing aircraft perform the better stability during the flight wheneverthere is the strong turning tendencies by the engine failure.13. Additional information in the real airline industrialAs the expansion, the wing is not always fixed-shaped. Some part of the wing is expanded indifferent shape or get the controllability to have the external support for making efficiency duringthe flight. Almost all the aircraft in the world has the flap and spoiler. When approaching to thelanding runway, it is always better to slow down as slow as the plane allows to keep lifting.In order to land within the short distance, the pilots will expand the flap in order to expand theentire wing area to allow reducing the speed. That means in order to remain the lift, the pilots caneither chose to increase the speed or expand the wing area. Not only for expand the wing area, flapsare allowed to change the Angle of Attack. As the type which has explained previously is calledFowler flap. When the pilot decide to use the flap system, pilots also have to consider the draggingforce created, especially using the flap type called The split flap. The dragging force are known aspulling the entire aircraft backwards, it happens as we know the frictions and the relative winds.The split flap can also change the chord line in order to change the Angle of Attack, but due to thestructure it causes the wake turbulence on it-self so it creates higher drag than the other kinds offlaps (10. Sanderson, 1997).

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