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CAREER EPISODE 1INTRODUCTIONCE 1.1.  I would be describing the project I undertook from April 2016 to october 2016, as an automobile technician in partial fulfillment of the award of my bachelor’s degree in electrical/electronic engineering       The company I worked for is auto diagnostic electrical limited located in Nigeria, Africa. The aim of this project was to improve my development, understanding and repairs of modern automotive electrical and electronic systemsBACKGROUNDCE 1.2.   Auto diagnostic electrical limited is located along km1 osubi airport road, warri, Delta state, Nigeria. Borne out of the passion to chase quacks out of the field of automobile repairs, auto diagnostic is well know for it’s high efficiency in diagnosing and fixing of modern vehicles.C.E 1.3   Auto Diagnosis Electrical Limited was established in 2009 during a time when vehicle owners faced the challenge of inadequate specialist and technicians in the automobile field, this company was then set up to tackle this challenge, and since then, it has provided one of the best services in the state in terms of automobile diagnosis and repairs.C.E 1.4.  The objective of the overall project is to create a safe Haven for vehicle owners where proper repair procedures are carried out on any vehicle brought to the workshop.C.E 1.5.  During my training I worked as a vehicle diagnostic/Electrical service technician. I was charged with the responsibility of carrying out diagnosis on vehicles brought to the workshop with our vehicle diagnostic tool, also I carried out electrical related repairsC.E 1.6.  My responsibilities included1. Carrying out vehicle on-board diagnosis2. Troubleshooting of vehicle problem faults3. Vehicle physical analysis4. Repairs/replacement of vehicle electrical system/components                                 PERSONAL ENGINEERING ACTIVITIESC.E 1.7.  I was actively involved in full vehicle diagnosis to ascertain the cause of a system/ component failure, and to also determine if a repair or a total replacement of component was viable. C.E 1.8.  During my training, I performed an oxygen sensor test, the sensor malfunctioned and made the vehicle fail the emissions test, but after replacement, the vehicle was restored.C.E 1.9.  Based on my knowledge of the terminal designation wiring diagrams, I was able to perform most rewiring operations especially on a 2012 highlander vehicle which I worked on with my team, and we were able to put the vehicle back on road.C.E 1.10.  I performed a diagnostic operation which led to discovery of a faulty mass airflow meter, this fault made the engine stall upon acceleration and was caused by a damage of the platinum hot wire in the sensor (the component which measures the mass of the air into the intake manifold)C.E 1.11.  In a Mercedes c350, a short circuit fault caused an intermittent starting problem, and a fault in the rear SAM (signal actuating module) caused the fuel gauge to fail. I was involved in tracing the short circuit fault and replacing the rear SAMC.E 1.12.  Using the six stage rule of fault finding, I was able to detect the cause of a battery drain, I carried out load calculations and discovered that the installed alternator rating was below the system requirements and thus was unable to charge the battery.C.E 1.13.  I also worked on several vehicle air conditioning systems where I was able to properly identify faulty fuses and relays and carrying out necessary replacement and repairs on the systemC.E1.14.  Due to a damage of the electronic control unit (ECU) of a Toyota 4 runner vehicle, a replacement was necessary and a manual programming/ calibration of the system was carried out and the vehicle was restored to normal operating conditionC.E 1.15.  Even though my job was mainly electrical, I also carried out mechanical repairs, I worked on the airmatic suspension of range Rover vehicles also on the engine and transmission system.C.E 1.16.  While diagnosing the starting system, I found out that the starter motor turned the engine flywheel slowly, after further tests were carried out, it was found that the cause was a high resistance on the path of the positive supply feed to the starter solenoid.C.E 1.17.  During the cause of a diagnostic session, it was found that the vehicle had multiple random misfires, and the vehicle showed the problem symptoms by a continuous jerkin and poor performance, the ignition coils were tested, they all functioned normally, I then suggested that all the spark plugs should be replaced, and after this, the vehicle operated normally.C.E 1.18.  We had a challenge on a Mercedes Benz Ml 350 4matic, after installing a new compressor on the air conditioning system, we found out that the clutch got burnt after a few minutes. After carrying out further tests , we then traced the fault to the fuse box. We found out that a faulty panel caused an excessive amount of current to enter the clutch and this led to the burning. We then cut out the supply from the fuse box, replaced the compressor and rewired it with a relay and a 30ampere in-line fuse. After these steps were carried out, the air conditioning unit became fully functional.C.E 1.19.  I used a vehicle diagnostic equipment to calibrate the Anti lock braking system of a lexus rx 350 hybrid vehicle. After replacement, calibration is necessary in order to set the current component to the registered values.C.E 1.20.  Apart from the many electrical repair and diagnostic jobs carried out in the workshop, I also attended several workshop safety seminars, to ensure standard safety precautions were observed during work.                                             SUMMARYC.E 1.21.  During the cause of the project, though quite challenging, I must say that the overall gain in the knowledge of modern electrical and electronic systems was exceedingly rewarding, I was able to achieve a primary technician status, and more work is being done to improve my knowledge of the field.

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