How year of 2018, we suggest that

How to Create the Perfect Sleeping



cannot do without sleep. Experts recognize that getting a good night’s sleep is
essential to overall health, from alertness while driving and working to
general mood and happiness. If we don’t sleep, the nightmare scenarios really
kick in – not only are many accidents caused by drivers nodding off at the
wheel, sleep deprivation was involved in some of the greatest disasters of our
times, including Chernobyl
and the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor meltdown.

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Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep,
tells the scary side of too little sleep: anything less than seven hours is
increasing our risk of cancer, heart attack and Alzheimer’s.  The book also reveals that adults aged 45
years or older who sleep less than six hours a night are 200 per cent more
likely to have a heart attack or stroke in their lifetime. Our chance of cancer
is also increased – after one night of four or five hours’ sleep, the cells
that are designed to attack cancer cells in your body drop by 70 per cent.


this new year of 2018, we suggest that it’s time to invest in your bedroom to
create the most perfect sleeping environment. PropSocial has put together some
useful tips to help you drift off and achieve that ever-elusive eight hours of
slumber for your precious well-being.


Cool Temperature


an ideal night’s sleep, the suggested bedroom temperature by WebMD
around 20°C (68°F). This is because when you go to sleep, your body temperature
starts to drop to save the body energy and prepare you for a good night’s rest.


a result, keeping your bedroom cool can speed up the cooling process of your
body, and ensure a more comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. Want to ensure a cool
bedroom even without the air-conditioning? You can save on your electrical bill
by staying at high floors of some of the tallest properties in Malaysia: Banyan Tree,
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Dark Room

role of light plays in our sleep is crucial. It regulates our sleep and wake
cycle with hormone production. Most of the times, we aren’t getting enough
light during the day in our office and too much of it at night. This will
potentially mess up our sleep cycle and circadian rhythms, and cause health
issues such as brain fog, weight gain, cardiovascular diseases, etc.


in total darkness, with thick curtain that black out all sorts of light. Use
amber lights in the evening and at night, and avoid all sort of white lights
from the normal bulbs. Dimming the lights about an hour before bed will help
tremendously too, as it tells your brain that it’s time to sleep, and your
brain will send signals to your body to prep for the sleep mode.


Quiet Environment


of people are sensitive to noise. Noises or sounds that seem trivial to you in
the morning might become bothersome as they are amplified at night. If you have
a noisy bedroom that is close to a construction site or busy highway, it will
disturb your sleep cycle and wake you up in the middle of the night. Worse, it
prevents you to fall back into the deep sleep that is necessary to re-energize
you, and make you feel fully-rested the next morning.


or sound in your bedroom can be got rid of quite easily but noise coming from
your surrounding outside the property is beyond your control. Ear plugs can be
helpful but they are not permanent solutions. 
Choosing a quiet neighbourhood can be an option for the best living
sleep experience. Some tranquil neighbourhoods include Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas, Bangsar, and Desa


Clutter-Free Zone


is the time when the brain does its housework as it clears out toxins that
could damage your body. The same applies to your bedroom environment – keep it clean
and uncluttered. Make your bed every morning and don’t be a hoarder. There is
so much that you don’t need, use or want. Letting go of unnecessary items frees
up not only physical space, but also mental space and energy, creating
mindfulness and a magical shut-eye environment.


dedicate your bedroom to sleeping and sleeping only. Don’t take plates into
bedroom with iPads, and don’t do your work lying on your bed. Mixing all these
things together jeopardizes the peaceful ambient you’re trying to create.
Reading is highly recommended for decompression before sleep and jumpstart your
next day afresh.


No Screen Allowed

are serious when we say you shouldn’t have anything with screens inside your
bedroom: TVs, laptops, computers, portable game consoles, tablets, etc. Here’s
what you need to know: these devices emit blue lights that will steal your
precious quality sleep. If you aren’t on your electronics right before you go
to sleep, you will nod off much easily,


look at screens for an hour before bedtime. You can put your phone to another
room and use an old-fashioned alarm clock to wake you up. Our experience tells
us that you can still hear the phone alarm in the next room but have to get up
to turn it off. It’s even more efficient than keep hitting the snooze button
with it beside you. And if you wake up in the middle of the night you won’t
reach for it and get distracted.


Quality Mattresses


have to be comfortable. Let us rephrase: They MUST be comfortable.

mattresses are essential in improving sleep quality and be the foundation on
your overall wellbeing. An uncomfortable bed, though, can rob you of up to an
hour of sleep each night. Great mattresses offer excellent sleep quality,
considering human health and ecological balance.


ever compensate your health with cheap mattress. Quality mattresses at a
bargain can be easily purchased online these days. Also, the majority of
retailers offer free shipping for both the purchase and the return, if for some
reason the mattress doesn’t meet your expectation.


Calm Wall Colour


all like to indulge in our favourite aesthetics, when considering the design
and decoration of our bedroom. However, you should also keep in mind that in
the bedroom, peacefulness and serentiy reign in order to give yourself the best
chance of good sleep.


shades infuse the bedroom with tranquility. The mix of blue-green is both
calming and dynamic, a more interesting take on the typical blue tones used for
bedrooms. Blue and green are usually associated with relaxation that soothe
your mind and make you a happy sleeper. And on the other end of the spectrum,
colours such as grey, purple, and brown can potentially damage your sleep.
These colours are linked to sadness and boredom.




most research suggest, eight hours of shut-eye is the magic number for health,
beauty, and happiness. Ensuring a good night’s sleep not only forms the basis
of your productive days, but also ultimately turns your goals into reality.
It’s time for sleep to get the attention it deserves – sleep on, people!


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