What on 17 April, 1920 in Birmingham,

What makes a hero? Is a question that many ask people with no real answer. To me what makes a hero is someone that just does what needs to be done. A hero is a person, who feels what is right, not just for the spotlight or recognition. In World War 2, there are plenty of heros sung and unsung. Noor Inayat Khan was a British wartime spy of Indian descent. She was the first female radio operator sent into Nazi-occupied France. Khan escaped to England after fall 1940; she later then joined Women’s Auxiliary Air Force(WAAF). June 1943 she was flown to France to become a radio operator for the ‘Prosper’ network in Paris. Many members including Khan was arrested shortly afterwards. October 1943 she was betrayed by a Frenchwoman;she was caught and sent to Pforzheim prison in Germany. Khan refused to use her abilities to the German defense. Noor Inayat Khan was sent to a concentration camp in Dachau where she was shot.Charles Leroy Thomas was born on 17 April, 1920 in Birmingham, Alabama. Thomas showed interest in airplanes and electronics; after graduating from Cass Technical High School, he worked with his father as a molder of steel. Upon receiving his draft letter, January 20th, 1942 he joined the army as an infantryman. Thomas transferred to Camp Wolters for officer training school, where he became a Second Lieutenant. He joined the 614th Tank Destroyer Battalion. December 1944, the mission for Captain Thomas was to draw the fire of the germans to cause a distraction. German fire shattered the glass and busted the tires of the armoured car. Captain thomas was badly injured but he still gave orders to his men. Captain Charles L. Thomas was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions during the capture of Climbach, France in 1944. He was upgraded to the Medal of Honor. In 1997 he was also awarded posthumously. William Overstreet was known for his loop-the-loops over and under the Golden Gate bridge. He had criss-crossed the skies above France many time escorting allied bombers during D-Day. He called his fighter jet “Berlin Express’ in hopes of the jet landing there someday. Overstreet never boast about his exploits. ¬†He alleged to have screamed under the iron lattice base of the Eiffel Tower in combat with a German Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter plane. Many weeks after, he and his group flew eight more D-Day missions to support the allies.Lt. Colonel Matt Urban was one of the most decorated American officer in World War II. fought in seven battles, wounded several times, but always came back to life. “The Ghost was the nickname the Germans gave to him. Was always throwing himself into the battle to fight for his country. A bullet in the throat took him out of the battle, but like a ghost he came back to life. He lived till 1995 before dying. Lt. Colonel Matt Urban is an unsung hero for his bravery to never let his wounds condemn him from fighting the good fight.

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