September Specifically, monitoring and enforcement of terrorist

September 11, 2001, appalled the international system, changing global
perspectives on both the threat of terrorism and the tools required to halt it.
Although multilateral instruments against terrorism have existed since the
1960s, the unprecedented reach and potential of terrorist networks
such as al-Qaeda and its associates constitute a new danger that challenges
standing tools and institutions. GIS
purpose in the fight against terror begins with monitoring and surveilling to
calculate the four components (when, where, how, who) of
terrorism endeavor. It moves on to disseminate critical
information through the various public service agencies, homeland security
systems and intelligence departments. In the event of a terror attack,
geospatial tools and technologies help to protect citizens and property as well
as assist the
ground combat operations.

the US is trying to revolt against terrorist groups by
counterterrorist efforts, in part, and modify their ways of doing this through
an effective global information system. The US also firmly believes that there
are 3 stages that the US and its allies should follow as well as other
countries who want counterterrorism acts in order to follow GIS. These are:

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and Surveillance – Data gathering and comprehending, mapping, raster and vector
effective counterterrorist efforts,
in part, have forced the terrorists to evolve and modify their ways of doing

– Risk evaluation, target identification and location analysis

– Prediction of terrorist attacks/activities combat operations. Estimates of probable terror activities help to build flexibility
against harm to human life and property.

 Specifically, monitoring and
enforcement of terrorist financing commitments remain imbalanced because
countries lack governance capacity, do not prioritize the terrorist hazard, or
both. The United States and their partners
continue to take active and effective measures against our primary terrorist
enemies and certain other violent extremist groups that also pose a serious and
continuing threat. We are attacking these terrorists and their capacity to
operate effectively at home and abroad. Specifically, through the use of all components
of national power, we are neutralizing what our terrorist enemies need to
operate and survive. In addition to the above said, the United States, its allies and partners in the
War on Terror make no distinction between those who commit acts of terror and
those who support and harbor terrorists. Any authority that comes down to be in
favor of being an ally of terror has chosen to be an enemy of salvation, equity,
integrity and tranquility. We will work disturb the flow of assets from states
to terrorists while instantaneously working to terminate state sponsorship of

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