The started steam wash which offers better


small businesses in Oman constitute more than 90% of the size of commercial
establishments. This is evident that the Omani economy is developing and it is
flexible. There were only a few institutions in the past, but after the
industrial revolution and the subsequent development, small business increased.
The Omani government realized the importance of small enterprises. In order to
develop small business , the Ministry of Commerce and Industry encourages the
citizens to invest and work in small business. The Ministry of Labor Force has
started a financing service called ‘sanad’ and its main conditions stipulate
that the employees of the company should be 100% Omanis and should provide a
family member as the guarantor for the loan. In addition, he or she should
present a feasibility study of the project showing the cash flow during the
tenure of the loan. Oman Development Bank provides
the loan after it has got the approval. There are a lot of government
institutions like the Ministry of Social Development that offer a number of

Car Wash Businesses in Oman:

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Before 1990, the car wash service in Oman was very
simple  and there were only       a few service providers. Mostly manual
car wash was used, but after the start of the  industrial revolution and the development in
technology, a lot of car wash service     
firms began its operation. In Oman, they began to use wash basins where
they           started using modern equipment such as microfiber
cloth, pressure pump, car            shampoo,
tire polish, car washer and vacuum cleaner. Recently they have started      steam wash which offers better quality
service to customers. 


Company Summary:

for washing and polishing cars is an important business and it will bring     a lot
of money for us a lot of  people need to
wash their car but could not be the gloss 
 and glamour required in their car
we try to provide integrated service by our              machinery and equipment we use
pressurized water and strong air capable of              removing dirt from car we establish our
business by 40,000 so startup capital invested by owner is 15,000 and from Oman
development band by 25,000 our project will        locate in north Albatinah in specific region
in sohar Also, we sell accessories for cars and cleaning tools in small shop
and we deliver it to their homes we have store behind the shop.



Company location and facilities

our shop
and inventory will be in industrial area Sohar so the van stands near the shop
when customer demands to clean his or her car we will go to him directly Manager     and all partners live in north Al Batinah
so that eases of access it and exploiting time  and comfort of staff also proximate to means
transportation in addition water,            
electricity, gas, other utilities and energy sources are available in
north Al Batinah.


 Our goals :


Our goal is to become the best
company for the Golden Laundry  in the
Sultanate, and what is the best and the satisfaction of the customer. We will
use the ideas and creations for the success of our project. We are working to
strengthen the link between us and companies to help them. Team goals are as


*Pleasing to God and satisfy our

*Providing the highest quality product with personal customer service.

*Competitive pricing.

*Our new clever ideas that make our clients happy and satisfy.

*put our Imprint everywhere.

and Mission statement:


To lead the concept of washing and polishing cars to
new heights are difficult to reach it, we look forward to be our service is
first in highlighting our business in North Al Batinah region and it will be
widespread in other areas.


company is working on the Golden Laundry Washbasin for cars  to help people  washing their car .We look forward to
providing high-quality services and providing the suitable price for each
service to our clients with a constant quest to be selected is a comfortable
choice. We look forward to providing the best possible price to our customers
and significantly.





Keys to Success :


* To become the best in the market
at all.

* Build a reputation and distinctive
position in North Al Batinah region.

*Choosing the right location, unique
services and deliver the goods.

*Owner has a sufficient expertise.

* We are committed to complete our

Management summary

Organization Structure:




Management Team:

The administrative
structure of our business consists of four employees. (Huda) will be the general
supervisor of all departments to work and head the decision-making process, as
well as managing the financial operations and marketing operations, and there
will also be three workers inside the truck to clean the work car.
(azhar)washing and polishing. (Hana) driving the truck From place to place, in
addition to the seller in the shop that sells cleaning tools that are


Management Team Gaps:

There are many
resources and jobs that we need in our project but because of the lack of
budget we cannot provide them at present like the increase the number of forgin
cleaner and also we need other truck.

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