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This article was very
business-oriented but also used social identity and strategic groups to develop
their research. We as humans like to classify ourselves to find members with
similar interest. A strong group identity can foster interpersonal trust among
group member and their identification with the group as deep as believing their
ideas were one’s own (Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University,
2017). The researchers used gourmet food trucks to study the role of strategic
group identities affecting the behaviors of market players and its impact on
competition and cooperation. Their findings proved their hypothesis and they separated
the members into two categories: segment and market accommodation. According to
the Jones Graduate School of Business (2017), GFTs share human market, and
knowledge resources and switch competition from market-based to status-based.
Many food trucks they interviewed, they found that many refer to each other as
a “community”. Due to their different approach to serving food, they have much
competition with each other, but they still hold on to the existential terms
instead of a strategic term. Two prototypes have emerged for their research,
segment prototype and market accommodation prototype. Segment is the visible
attributes that separate it from other food service providers. Other key
aspects of this prototype in the data is their reliance on high-quality food
with cleanliness, and without this, a membership for a food truck is unheard
of. Market accommodation reveals that many food truck owners know there is
competition out there but choose to embrace the community as there is plenty
room for everybody (Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University, 2017).
Each truck offers something unique. This social belief was reviewed in the
research and was revealed that these gourmet food trucks know they’re on their
own but are part of community to back them up. The strategic group identity
becomes more distinct as firms share human, market, and knowledge resources,
working together to meet the standards of the average member. In this research it
was shown by quality food, mobility, and reliable business products.

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