the rising concerns about saving the environment, a switch from fossil fuels or
non-renewable resources is occurring. Finding out the alternatives of fossil
fuels for transportation can help in addressing the issue of climate change.
Having said that, electric vehicles provides a promising future as means of
transportation. With major auto companies like Renault, Tesla, Volvo etc.
coming up with their new electric vehicles, plunging rates of batteries and
increasing consumer demand are some of the factors which depicts that trend of
electric vehicles will come faster than expected.

step in the field of electric vehicles is to make them autonomous to ease the
travel of drivers, which will then become passengers. Numerous successful road
tests performed with self driving vehicles, sends a positive message for
further enhancements. But making electric vehicles driverless involves many
other challenges like enabling self charging, locating charging stations
automatically when charge goes below some threshold value, doing automatic
payment on completion of charging and many more. SecCharge is an application
which answers needs of electric vehicles. It provides route plan, available
charging stations on the route to the driver based on source and destination
locations entered by him. SecCharge is being enhanced to meet the requirements
of Autonomous Electric Vehicles.With increased
focus on the usage of renewal energy sources in 21st century and advancements
in technology, Electric Vehicles saw resurgence. Almost every auto manufacturer
in the world has an EV on the road or is about to release soon.  Many of them committed to move towards
electrified entire line-up over next 10-15 years 3. Further, with the elevated
interest towards self-driving cars, tremendous research is going on in
autonomous electric vehicles. The ultimate goal is towards reducing the
emission of greenhouse gases through electric vehicles and reducing accidents
caused by human mistakes through autonomous vehicles. In addition, fully
automating vehicles can significantly improve the road capacity, reduce traffic
jams and thus, such vehicles can provide smoother traffic flow.

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