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A firm academic background in business
administration and relevant practical experiences in different financial
institutions boosted my fundamental interest in global trade operations, challenges
of banking sector, fundamentals of International Finance, different types of
financial instruments, the functioning of global financial markets, asset
valuation, option and monetary mechanism. With an impetuous passion and
enthusiasm, I, Somaya Hasan Eshan, would like to offer my motivation as a
potential aspirant for the Master’s Program in Finance at University of Vaasa for
the academic year of 2018.

For more than a couple of years I have been working
in a renowned private of Bangladesh, BRAC Bank limited, in the trade operations
department where I have introduced with the core of monetary system, financial
operations and impact of money market over the whole economy of the country. My
decision of pursuing a master’s degree in Finance is not only an effort towards
my career advancement and earning an expedited education related to my working
arena, but also a vital scope of sharing my practical knowledge. I am inclined
to University of Vaasa not only for its prominent faculty and world-class
learning opportunities, but also a vital scope of gaining insights from my
fellow experienced peers which involve scope of installing capabilities for
continuing doctoral studies.

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Having a progressive success in both secondary and
higher secondary level, I got myself admitted into Bachelor of Business
Administration (BBA) program in one of the leading universities of Bangladesh, East West University, which
have a legacy for its records on academic excellence. Concentration in Finance
installed in me a strong background and realization of the vast international
financial aspects.

To leverage my attained academic knowledge into a
greater height, I decided to enroll
myself to an internship program in Industrial Development Leasing Company
(IDLC), a renowned non-banking Financial Institute (NBFI) of Bangladesh, for
three months,and published my internship report on Deposit Schemes Analysis of IDLC Finance Limited: a Comparative
Analysis where deposit offerings of all the non-banking financial
institutions of Bangladesh and funding mix strategy of IDLC Finance Limited are

The internship report was designed to bridge the
gulf between the theoretical knowledge and real life experience. The main
objective of the research was to identify the deposit product, identify the
limitations of the current products and other corresponding products offered by
the competitor in the market. This internship experience slightly introduced me
to the complimentary deposit mechanism and offerings of the market which can be
explored profoundly and new type of methods can be exhibited.

As a consequence of my promising academic record and
qualification, I was recruited by BRAC Bank Limited in the year of 2015. Being
an officer here I attained knowledge about movement of goods, payment
mechanism, prerequisites of issuing LC’s, functions of credit report, preparing
SWIFT message, central bank reporting, offshore banking, Import Policy Order (IPO),
central bank regulations & foreign exchange guideline, the anti-money
laundering and combating terrorist finance etc. While building my career in the
banking sector, I noticed that my bachelor degree provided me with only a
partial view of my area of interest. Therefore, I decided to proceed my higher
study in Finance to develop an in-depth knowledge regarding corporate financial
decisions, financial management, long-term financial policies, corporate
control and governance and investment appraisal criteria.

Through the development of these skills, I believe to be well prepared for
financial industry, multinational firms as well as public organizations. While
studying in this subject I enjoyed studying topics related to International
Financial Management. My relevant working experience also claims for a firm
knowledge about an insight regarding the impact of international transactions
in the exchange rate and balance of payment. It seems an interesting topic to
me for further research in relevant areas.

I have found the curriculum and course planning of
University of Vaasa appraisingly well-structured and aim to build a strong
quantitative background. As a consequence I believe this university will be the
perfect institution for the program for my future career advancement. An
eminent institution like University of Vaasa with its entire qualified faculty,
unique setting for developing generic analytical and problem solving skills,
high quality academic research, an interaction among relevant fields and world
class learning opportunity would give me the necessary traction to pursue my
next endeavors.

Noting that, this
formidable program looks for highly motivated & the most competent
students, I firmly believe that, my dedication and proficiency will be the
pennon for my selection in this program in your esteemed institution.

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