1. of the companionship, the blamed used

1. As
per the prosecution case victim, the victim was subjected to sexual harassment
by tyhe accused.

2. The
instance of the arraignment in a word is that the casualty was living with her
dad at Shahdara, New Delhi. Her mom had kicked the bucket, from there on, the
casualty was living with her two siblings Navdeep and Vaibhav. Alongside
sibling of casualty Vaibhav, the denounced Yogesh was likewise contemplating.
As a result of the companionship, the blamed used to visit the house for the
casualty and was in discussion with her. It is the situation of the arraignment
that when the casualty used to stay alone in her home, the blamed used to visit
her and communicated her that he is enamored with her. Further, around one year
before the occurrence, the blamed went to the house for the casualty when she
was distant from everyone else. From there on, the charged had disclosed to her
that he is enamored with her and will wed her and needed to submit sex with
her. The casualty attempted to maintain a strategic distance from it since she
was a visually impaired young lady, yet the casualty was told by the blamed
that he will wed her and will give her everything support and, accordingly, she
submitted herself to the charged. From there on, the blamed submitted sex with
her. By such strategy, when the casualty wound up plainly pregnant, the casualty
requested that the blamed wed her. By then of time, the blamed quit going to
the house for the casualty. Ensuing to it, the episode was revealed to the
father of the casualty who called the father of the blamed. Denounced was
additionally called and he conceded the way that he had conferred sex with the
casualty however declined to wed her. It was the particular instance of
indictment that however the casualty was visually impaired, she could perceive
the charged individual by his voice and by touch.

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3. The
FIR NO.  4576 of 2017 was registered at Shahdara police
station under section  376 of Indian
Penal Code,1860.

4. The
issue was explored by the police and the casualty was additionally subjected to
therapeutic examination . Number of witnesses was inspected from the
arraignment side including the Doctor PW-4 who presented the medicinal
examination report (Ex.P1 and P2) and the radiologist PW-5 who acquired X-Ray
of the casualty and gave his report (Ex. P3) affirming the age of the casualty
as roughly 16 years.Medical examination of the accused was also conducted by
the Investiagtion Officer  to prove the
allegations made by the prosecution(Ex. P4). The victim was also examined as
PW-1, who narrated the entire incident and the manner in which she was
subjected to sexual abuse. The Investigation officer also examined the
brother’s of victim Navdeep PW-2 and Vaibhav PW-3. During investigation the
accused was called and he admitted the fact that he had sexual intercourse with
the victim with her consent. 

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